There have been a few items noted on this site regarding Back to Back cruises. I have been on one only, although at the time of booking I was unaware it was a B2B.

I discovered the following,

Internet packages, When you buy a package it is only good for each portion, not the whole trip. Unless you specify the whole trip and make sure it is valid the whole time. There was much discussion on the cruise I was on about this matter.

Spa packages, We learned this the hard way. I was my fault as an inexperienced cruiser, I did not read the fine print. Spas are operated out of a private company on board. They are under no obligation to extend the package you buy for a 10 day cruise, to the other days tagged on to a combined itinerary. AND they don't tell you this at the time of purchase.

Transition day.

This has happened to friends. They have to leave the ship and go through customs on land and re-board. On our cruise, we were able to go to the MDR and get all this done, then have breakfast. This is not always the case. Verify with the cruise line before booking and re check once on board.

Cabin changes.

We had the same cabin for the whole cruise. I have heard that this may not always be true. I would like to hear from those who had to change cabins.


Princess only billed me once for the whole cruise. Our friends had to pay up at the end of the first leg of the cruise on MCL. I do not know what other lines do. Comments?


You have to buy out your packages if desired and restart at the next leg.

Now with the advent of drink packages and other packages and parcels that the cruise lines are now offering" usually the nickel and dime stuff" How will those be monitored and charged on combined itineraries? Any thoughts.

I am seriously looking at the NCL Pearl through Panama to Vancouver B.C. for April 2016. They have a warning regarding combined cruises that was not available when I looked last year. So they may be pro acting to concerns that have come up. This itinerary is different than Princess with more Mexico west side than the Caribbean  east side. What can I expect on the Mexico side?