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Oasis of the Seas

May 2017 - Oasis of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern


I was cautious. I'd never cruised a large ship before and was worried about crowds and finding my way around the ship. but I needn't have. 


When this ship was built, they must have taken special care to make it look big but feel small. With 24 elevators, there was never a problem with stuffing. There were no lines getting into the dining room and the roominess of the prominade prevented problems getting around with sales. There really were no lines to any of the venues. 


Entertainment? Broadway shows, comedy shows, ice shows, diving shows... 2 climbing walls, vollyball, basketball, ping pong, zip line, ice skating, 2 flowriders, putt-putt... There's no way you couldn't find something to do. 


There are only a couple of negatives... and they're not that bad... and they're just my opinion. First, the windjammer is the windjammer. I think it's named because people blow around the place, jamming even more into a tight space. It was tough finding tables... Another issue was the hike. Getting from the front to back took awhile. While it didn't seem so bad taking the hike through the promenade.. looking down the hall on the stateroom levels reminded you the ship is over 3 football fields long and 200 ft wide!  Lastly, reservations for the shows were a bit of a challenge. They were full, then they weren't... then they were. Still, we were able to take in almost all the shows we wanted. 


Food was what we've come to expect.  The Windjammer fare seems the same as on any ship. The same goes for the MDR... same same... and very good. Our supervisor, waiter, and asst. waiter were attentive almost to the point of diestration. All were super accomodating. We hesitated to eat elsewhere and miss their service. What's nice is there are several venues that offer food. There's Sorentos, Park Cafe, and my fav, the Hot Dog shack. All in all, I think I gained 5 pounds. 


Lastly, getting on and off the ship was a breeze. The rebuilt terminal made the process quick. We checked in and walked on board immediately. Our number was called early and the time between walking off the ship to being at the curb was less than 15 minutes. 


Bottom line, Oasis was a surprise. While big in size, it was small in attentiveness. I would definately sail her again!


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Majesty of the Seas

January 2014 - Majesty of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Good trip in spite of minor issues.

I traveled in a group of 8. Checkin was fast and efficient, our stateroom was impeccably clean and lunch in the Windjammer was awesome. The issues we encountered ranged from inconvenience to upsetting... though none were really show stoppers. 


Though I was on vacation, there was an online meeting I wanted to join.  Unlike previous cruises, I had an extremely hard time getting internet access. Only once was I able to log in... and that was on my phone but when I tried logging on to check flights... no go. I ended up waiting till we got to Key West and used my 4G to check flights and check in. The front desk could only offer up that all available addresses were taken. Seems C&A members were given 10 free minutes... couldn't use 'em...  The problem was bad enough that some of the pcs in their internet cafe, or whatever it's called, couldn't access the system. So, my laptop was virtually useless. I tried wi-fi on the pc, cellphone, and tablet. 


Second item, though it may not be RCL's fault, our stop at Key West involved an excrutiating wait while customs/immigration agents mad their way to the boat, then to the dining room... to check id before we could go ashore. When we went down at the time we were given, we found a line that stretched for 3 decks! I understand that C&I guys do whatever C&I guys want to do... but it would be sweet if they'd come out with the pilot boat... get it all done before docking... We're not in Key West that long and a couple extra hours would be nice.


One of the incentives to purchase the soda package are the awesome Coke machines they have on deck 12. You can mix and match products and flavors... There has to be 125 different combinations. Anyway, on day 3, one of the machines went kaput and the other had no ice and served watered down drinks. They were able to get one of them up and running but the line could get pretty long. To be fair, we could get fills from the bar or waiter... but I missed my raspberry Coke. 


There is another change from last year. This cruise, they automatically add 12 bucks a day to the room for tips... Though I'm sure it's cuz some don't feel the need to tip, and it should be their choice, I don't like being told I hafta tip and how much it's going to be.... 


Those are the only issues I had with the cruise. Otherwise, it was the same awesome experience I've come to expect from RCL. 

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Oasis of the Seas Oasis of the Seas - Bring comfortable shoes and practice walking for a week before departure!
Majesty of the Seas Majesty of the Seas - Sales on deck 5 are hard to pass up. DO be sure to head back to the ship an hour or so before departure or the lines can get quite long.

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received a helpful vote on their Majesty of the Seas cruise review - Good trip in spite of minor issues.

received a helpful vote on their Majesty of the Seas cruise review - Good trip in spite of minor issues.

received a helpful vote on their Majesty of the Seas cruise review - Good trip in spite of minor issues.

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