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Il Bar del Sole Photo

Il Bar del Sole

(2 Reviews)

Refreshing drinks and snacks near Solarium! We are looking forward to you.

La Barchetta Bar Photo

La Barchetta Bar

(2 Reviews)

Refreshing drinks, snacks and ice-cream near your pool!

La Conchiglia Bar Photo

La Conchiglia Bar

(2 Reviews)

Refreshing drinks and snacks near your pool! Socialize with newly-made friends.

L'Ametista Lounge Photo

L'Ametista Lounge

(4 Reviews)

Ship's show lounge with its own bar and dance floor. This place is perfect for your enjoyment.

Le Gocce Bar Photo

Le Gocce Bar

(2 Reviews)

Explore gourmet highlights of the world’s finest cuisines in the relaxed authentic atmosphere of thi...

L'Olimpiade Sporting Bar Photo

L'Olimpiade Sporting Bar

(1 Review)

Featuring big screen TVs and great sports games for solo and group play, the Sport Bar boast state-o...

Purple Bar Photo

Purple Bar

Located just off the Quattro venti Restaurant, the Purple Bar is made for enjoyment. Socialize with...

Ruby Bar Photo

Ruby Bar

(3 Reviews)

The bar is made for your enjoyment. Socialize with newly-made friends drinking quality beverages.

T32 Disco Photo

T32 Disco

(1 Review)

Every night of your vacation will be the special one in company with the best DJs and of course the...

Tiger Bar Photo

Tiger Bar

(3 Reviews)

Ship's show lounge with its own bar and dance floor. Also is used for various activities such as mas...

Topazio Bar Photo

Topazio Bar

(4 Reviews)

At the end of a wonderful day, what better way to spend time with friends than in the inviting atmos...

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