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by emilylewis711

Most people thought this stop was pointless, but we can make anything fun! We explored the small town, saw the market and then took the cable car to the top of Mount Faron! Amazing view, everyone should do this! We then ate at the top and enjoyed the afternoon!

Visited: Aug 25, 2015

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by jaceymorgan

Toulon is a smaller coastal town/French Navy base. There are not many attractions in the actual town, mostly just naval muesems, however, it was absolutely beautiful to walk around the streets on our own and enjoy both a cappuccino and wine at the cafes. They had a neat little market area too.

Visited: Sep 18, 2016

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by toeboe

Not a very nice port, best used as somewhere to travel from than to visit, I actually thought the town was quite seedy it’s a naval port at core, as mentioned by others bypass Toulon and visit St Tropez or Aix etc


by Descal13

The port was Toulon, and I again organized the tour with Daphne of Transferts Service. We visited picturesque Aix en Provence, a visit to Cezanne’s art studio, Cassis with its beautiful harbor and several views of the South of France. Super! It was €133 per person and we had 6 of us.

Visited: Apr 12, 2014

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by tygerness

Not much to do here unless you book an excursion through the ship that goes to Marsielle or Aix en Provence. We took the Petit Train to the beach for $10 round trip each, but ended up just coming back to the ship to the pool deck.

Visited: Jun 24, 2015

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by sarahjj7

We did ship excusrison to st tropez, Toulon itself was a very concrete port, not much scenery to look at, Toulon however for army loving men or women is frances naval port, so there were lots of naval ships in dock. And naval officers onboard them.

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