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by StarGazer3542

I did the on your own tour from princess. They dropped us about a block over from the royal mile and gave us a map and return time. I wandered in my own to the castle. I prepurchased tickets to the castle at home which really helped as the line was long. The day I was there happened to be the Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday so there was a lot of extra activities going on. Be sure to be there for the daily shooting off of the cannons. I really enjoyed the military tatoo that did a couple of songs in honor of the duke. There are two lines to get to see the Crown Jewels. I recommend going through the tour and not waiting in line in the courtyard. After the castle I made my way to have a fantastic lunch at greyfriars bobby. After popping in and out of some stores I ended my day by going on the free Harry Potter tour that leaves daily from greyfriars.The tour guide takes you to places that inspired the books. Navigation was easy and this was by far my favorite port.


by egw1

This was our favorite port. We arrived early and had two days to sightsee and loved our time. We stayed at the Principal George Street Hotel and loved it. It is so close to everything that we walked to most of the sights. Our only issue with the hotel is that our one dinner there was okay but not worth repeating. We got Hop On Hop Off tickets and checked out the entire city through the three different routes - great for getting oriented. Things we did in more depth was Edinbough Castle and the Royal Mile - spent hours walking through that area.

Visited: Aug 30, 2019

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by picalo

try to go in August during the huge huge huge festival. town looks like it was built with Legos. careful, don't miss the last bus back to the boat. the dock is a long way away. I typed the minimum

by karendale

We stayed an extra couple of days and explored Edinburgh on our own and stayed at an Air BNB. We again took the double decker bus and then walked and visited many places. We toured the underground on a ghost tour, visited Edinburgh Castle, rode the ferris wheel, went up into Scott Tower....

Visited: Jun 28, 2017

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by bkbrock

We weren't on a cruise when we visited Edinburgh but I highly recommend going during the first two weeks of August so you can go to the military tattoo! We missed it and were sad about that! Edinburgh castle is cool and the Royal Mile is a shopping heaven!


by shaggelax

Beautiful city. Tender to South Queensferry. Locals sold tickets for shuttles and HopOnOff tour combined for 2 of us, 40£. Great weather in May. Scots very friendly.

by genemila

South Queensferry port was changed to New Haven. Our ship stop in the middle of the river. We didn't buy excursion from the ship, so we got tickets to the tender to get to the shore. It took about 4(four!) hours to rich the shore because of poor organisation of transferring. And then another 30 min to Edinburgh.

Visited: Jul 30, 2017

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