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by Vitale1958

Had heard a lot about Little French Key. Did not like it. Swimming was mostly done from dock. Not a real Caribbean beach. It was more of a lagoon cut out of a jungle. Lunch was ONE plate of food. A bbq chicken leg 😂 Included drinks was either 2 cheapos such as soft drink or beer, or cheapo liquor. If you wanted name brand, you only get one. All this for only $85 pp. Wayyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced.


by fancyssv

We loved Roatan. We did an island tour with Cleve and he was awesome. He loves his island, the history and the culture. He took us anywhere we wanted to go. He let took us to some great places for shopping and views and he bought some traditional foods for us to try. Great day with a great guide! If you are only on the island for a few hours, I highly recommend Cleve's tours.


by dnguyen

It's recommended that you book an excursion or stay in port. We ziplined and explored the island. Wonderful experience and interactions with locals. Beautiful beaches.


by twinmommy603

This is my family’s favorite port. We went to Little French Key, booked through Shore Excursioneer. IT WAS PARADISE!!!!! All-inclusive. Food, drinks, and all the amenities and recreational activities. Beautiful sand and crystal clear water. Great paddle boarding. Limited access, so no crowds! Book early! Will definitely be going back!!!!


by washiewashie

We were on the Norwegian Escape and didn't see any good excursions there.......but people said to go to Little French Key. It's not on the excursion website so search it up on the web to their own website. GO.....NOW........LFK, BEST EXCURSION EVER.


by alyssaweston

GO TO LITTLE FRENCH KEY!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Best cruise port/excursion I have ever been on in my life. Absolute heaven on earth. And a hidden gem! Hardly anyone was there! 4 stars because where the ship docks in Roatan is scary and if it wasn’t for Little french key it would’ve been 1 Star. $85 for adults but worth every single penny. I would actually pay more. You meet with tour guide at port that drives you to the area where you will go on a small boat to take you to LFK (20 min taxi ride and not even a 5 min boat ride) includes lunch and 2 alcoholic drinks, snorkel and paddle board gear, beach chairs and hammocks, etc. You can pay extra to jet ski and do some other water sports. There’s animals on the island (monkeys, lion, etc) That are in a zoo set up and you can pay to swim with a Jaguar cub. Saw baby sea turtles snorkeling. Boats back fo the main island go every 10-15 min and the staff is super friendly. Can’t say enough good things. Look up pics on google


by lisakaye26

We loved Roatan! Booked a customized tour with Victor Bodden. Held Sloths, Monkeys, and McCaws. Then went to West Bay Beach. Fun and Beautiful! Loved the people! We didn’t find the vendors pushy at all. On the beach they just held up what they were selling and kept walking when we said no thank you. Very friendly people!


by wzrdfoz

3 words "Extrem Zip Lining"!! Thru RC. 16 lines in all!! Can you say my wife and I have done it twice. Highly recommend this activity to everyone!!!


by Cruiseaholic777

Just got back. Went to Little French Key, which is about a 20 min drive (transportation provided with excursion). It was amazing! One of the most relaxing, beautiful places I've ever seen. We have an absolute blast there. Going back next year!


by JillCookie

Beautiful island! We used Victor Bodden Tours instead of booking an excursion through Carnival and couldn’t be happier with our decision. Saw the entire island and ate where the locals eat... had amazing lobster for next to nothing! We were first time snorkelers, so have nothing to compare to, but we thought it was amazing!!!

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