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by LuvsCruising11

After reading multiple reviews on how the Jamaicans are "pushy", it would be nice if the ungrateful, entitled, snotty group of Americans and others would put things into perspective. This country is extremely poverish. The people who live there likely make their livelihood off of tourism-that is it. The competition is high amongst their countrymen. So when the opportunity arises for them to make little money off of us "wealthy" Americans and others, I don't blame them. So while you are enjoying your $1000.00 plus or minus per person cruise and sleeping in air conditioned rooms, eating wonderful food, and drinking....perhaps you will think of them.


by couchlok

So my wife and I spent a day in Falmouth, Jamaica. It was interesting. If you plan on leaving the port area and going into town, be ready for an experience. Not for the timid. I wanted some real jerk chicken so thru research I found Peppers Jerk center, so that’s where we went. Maybe a 10 min walk from the pier. Food was ok, pork jerk better than the chicken, imho. The green sauce was fire!! Loved it. At Peppers, we met Elvis, who, unbeknownst to us, was gonna be our tour guide for the day. After we ate, Elvis walked us thru the neighborhood, took us to a store where the locals shop, and was able to give us an insight to some of the local agriculture in the area. One point Elvis wanted us to know is that the money being spent at the pier area, within the “walls” does not help the local economy as much as a direct purchase from a local shop. Which honestly sucks. So even though it was a little sketchy, I’m glad we ventured out. So if you plan on walking into the town of Falmouth, Jamaica, don’t go alone, stay aware, be friendly and you should have a good time.


by KofiNaija

Falmouth is a neat little port. The area near the pier includes a planned retail development with fairly typical tourist souvenirs, small eateries, a generic Margaritaville and the like. The day I was in port there was a lovely group of kindergarteners touring the development in their school uniforms. They reminded me of my old days in Catholic School. Beyond the development is a small typical developing world downtown area. It is not touristy although there are a very few souvenir shops on Falmouth Street directly across from the Port Entry. Since the downtown is not touristy it's a good area for people watching. Most Jamaicans in the downtown area are going about their normal day, relatively indifferent to the presence of the ships in Port. I found a nice little Park called Waters Square. There are some shaded areas where you can sit and watch the towns people. When we were there, it appeared that school was just getting out. So all the school kids were parading through in their uniforms. On the left side of Albert George Market which is a historical building is a restaurant with a very nice staff. They serve typical Jamaican dishes like oxtails, goat stew, jerk chicken Etc. Also there’s a very tiny little Pub across Falmouth Street selling beer, Spirits, sodas. It's very old timey and the proprietor is playing Blues music. You will know it because it has a cement bench in front of the small Pub. As for all the danger that everyone sites, the several blocks around in the port area was quite tame and guarded by several tourist police. Some have talked about this great intimidating fence. That's total nonsense. The fence is very basic. The only visible guardian of the fence are two ladies who checked for your sea pass cards. One thing of note when you’re exiting the terminal is they have these placards that describe the history of the region. It's worth pausing to read through them to give you a basic idea of the history. Once you cross the street several taxi cab drivers will try to get your business. If you want to taxi use a taxi, if you don't say no thank you and keep moving and is also likely at as you're walking down the street someone will ask you if you need help or if you want to hire a guide. Again the answers are simple yes or no and keep moving. Firm no's work. If one is interested in other cultures and burned out on the same old drinking and Beach experience, the town is a neat place to spend the day going in and out of local shops and people watching. Again keep in mind that most of the stores in the downtown area Are Not Tourist shops at all but are selling provisions and clothing to Jamaicans.


by sbwingo

Did the Dunn River Falls at this port. Everyone should experience this excursion once in their life with family and friends. Some of the best and happiest photos of the kids were taken while on this excursion.


by cruiseviews

I have been to Falmouth multiple times and I have had a great experience every time! The people are so friendly and the beaches are to die for! It’s truly a shame that people stay on the ship because they think that Jamaica isn’t safe or sketchy because I have been to all three of the Jamaica cruise ports (Falmouth, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay) and I have never felt unsafe! It saddens me that RCI has decided to move away from the port because I’ve seen how so many people’s lives depend on these ships coming in every week! I’ve booked all of the excursions out of the cruise line and have never had a problem. I’ve done Duns River Falls, Hilton resorts, beach excursions, etc and never had a negative experience. There is honestly so much to do in Jamaica! It’s a must go to place on a cruise!


by ILoveCruising82

Royal Caribbean spent good money building this port. It is absolutely gorgeous and amazing. For people who may be scared to venture off into the city, this place have everything right in port. It's bricked and closed off. Lots of shopping. When you are ready for a drink and a cool dip, go right over to Margaritaville. They offer drinks, lunch and even have a pool with a waterfall bridge and a swim up bar. Definitely will go back.


by Jamelly75

We got a taxi for $6 pp right outside gates of port and went to Burwood Beach less than 10 min away. The driver was fantastic and was back to pick us up 10 min after I called him (RG Transport & Tours- rickigeneral123@gmail.com) Practically had the beach to ourselves the whole time. $6 each to get in during spring break not bad. Beautiful water & white sand. 1 lady hair braiding, 1 selling homemade jewelry & Chris doing aloe massages that loves to chat😂 No food but a small beach bar selling drinks and chips etc. Relaxing beach day. Had a late lunch at Margaritaville in the port which was good & large portions but $$$ for nachos & burgers! Loved our first time in Jamaica and will return.


by funboomer47

We had a great time in Jamaica. We did Royal Caribbean's Dunns River Falls with tubing on the White River and lunch. First was climbing the falls. I have done it before and wanted to get a lot of pictures so I walked along the stairs to take pictures of my nieces doing the climb. They had a great time. I enjoyed the beauty of the falls and area. Next we went to the White River to raft. It was so much fun and you will get splashed many times!! Then we were taken to the Shaw Park Hotel to have lunch on the patio overlooking the water. Lunch was good and then it was time to head back to the ship. Our bus driver and guide on the trip were really good and funny and we had a great time. Weather was good until we got close to the ship and it was pouring rain. We didn't care because we were already wet! Had just enough time back at the port to hit one souvenir shop then board the ship. It was a great day! I have been to Jamaica a few times so next time will stay at the beautiful port Royal Caribbean built and enjoy the shops, music and the area there.


by jrstetzer

Our day in Jamaica was the best day we've had on an excursion. To learn from and eat with the people of Jamaica was an honor. What a warm and welcoming people sharing their history, culture and food. Was a true all inclusive day. Even tried to teach us a little patois! The "rundown" was soo delish and then stopping to enjoy the "hella top hella bottom and hallelujah in the middle" was a treat. Yum! Thank you Janet for a lovely day in Jamaica. Please check out and consider Jamaica Culinary Tour as your excursion. Read the Trip Advisor reviews. It will not disappoint. http://www.jamaicaculinarytours.com Jamaica Culinary Tours (Falmouth): Top Tips Before You Go - TripAdvisor https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g612473-d4935293-Reviews-Jamaica_Culinary_Tours-Falmouth_Trelawny_Parish_Jamaica.html

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