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by snowbully5

Some rough conditions on the island but they are recovering. Spend a few extra $ and don't haggle to much. They need the income. We took a taxi to Maho beach (Where the planes fly over) $16 at the port or $45 on ship per person round trip. Spent some time at the restaurant... Had a great time.


by FleakFamily

Wife and I did some research before our cruise and found a local tour group called Jo Junie Tours that we reserved instead of a Royal Caribbean excursion. We paid $40 a piece and had an all day tour of the island all to ourselves. Normally they are booked full, but no one else showed up so we enjoyed our private tour that included all we could drink rum punch and beer choices. Since we were the only ones in the van, we got to see all the highlights and some of the not so great places. We asked for it, so Lucius showed us some of the less fortunate out of site areas. We saw Orient Beach, Marigot, Maho Beach, and everything in between. We asked him to take us to a local restaurant, one he would eat at. He did not disappoint as we saw one of the American Icon Grill managers eating there as well. After that, we skipped the shopping and went back on board the ship with about 45 minutes to spare. All in all, wonderful time on the island. Jo Junie Tours did a wonderful job and we would totally book them again if we go back, since we saved money over regular excursions.


by cassensj

Just got back from St Maarten and had a great time. We did an independent tour. I contacted “Crazy” Dave Herbert at Topper’s Rhum Distillery. After a great tour and 9 plus tastings, we had a great lunch and then a few hours on Maho Beach. Fun fact - Topper’s Rhum is considered a craft alcohol and you can bring as much into the states as you want. Look Dave or Happy Hour Charters up on Facebook.


by VidaB

Favorite stop! This is my 2nd visit. This time I did the water taxi to the center of town. Beach Day! Lots of buildings destroyed and they are rebuilding nicely. Such a joy to see how happy the people are that we came to visit and support their economic recovery.

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