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by cptMurphy

lovely small port with everything in walking distance. no need to buy a ship excursion, just walk to the palace resort and for $5 you can snorkel and use thier beach. fantastic.


by rollyskeats

We hired two Golf Buggys for the day and drove the whole island on our own, we seen lizatds, flamingos, gpats and beautiful shore line. There were opportunities to swim if we wanted to. We drove passed slave houses and salt mines. It was the best day ever and only cost about $95 all in.


by brien

Bonaire was amazing. The water is crystal clear ant teeming with beautiful fish. We rented a golf cart and explored the island. People were friendly and no pressure. Would definitely recommend!!!!


by lexyk710

Take a water taxi to Klein bonaire and the other beaches! Amazing day!! Awesome snorkeling and very colorful fish! We rented chairs and had a great time. Water is crystal clear!!


by rob315

beautiful island,great people.. we rented a golf cart and toured the entire island at our own pace... one of the best days we've spent in the Caribbean!


by KrystieNye

Amazing. My favorite port, hands down. The water was so clear, we could literally see fish swimming from up on the 17th deck of the ship. We walked around, did some shopping, and just spent the rest of the day walking along the water looking at the fish and corals. Perfect weather, friendly people. Next time, we will definitely take a water taxi to Klein Bonaire and do some snorkeling. I can’t say enough about this place, we just loved it.

Visited: Feb 23, 2018

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by beachbum2day

Rented a golf cart through BONAIRE CRUISERS for the day ! Absolutely amazing ! We brought our own snorkel gear and stopped at 1000 steps and several other popular spots ! The snorkeling was incredible! Great port and would highly recommend BONAIRE CRUISERS! $95 for the day and they give you a detailed map ! We had a awesome Day !

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