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Beautiful quaint island town. Tobacco Bay was great for snorkeling! We took the ferry from the Dockyard which was a nice ride (about 20 mins) and walked downtown. Can’t wait to go back!


This island is so beautiful and easy to get around! The weather is great, people are friendly and the food is delicious! I enjoy myself every time I visit!😊


St. Geo is a lovely walk-around port. Small shops, decent eateries. The Carriage House was wonderful for dinner (overnight in port). Keep in mind that this is at the less commercial end of the island. If you are looking for a lot of action, take a bus to Hamilton.


Been to Bermuda 3 times it is the best destination on the east coast. St George's is beautiful, it is my favorite part of the island. Can't wait to go back!!


Tobacco Bay near St George was a lovely spot to catch some sun and swim. Very calm and clear water that is protected by rocky outcroppings on the open sea side of the bay. A small vendors stand was there for food and drinks and bath changing area available on site. No need to go back to the ship in wet swimsuit. The taxi drivers prefer that you didn't.


This cruise skipped St. George due to choppy waters so it went directly to Hamilton, The following day, we took the No. 3 bus from Hamilton to St. George's and it took us about an hour to get there. When we got there, we literary spent 15mins. in town and took the ferry to the Dockyard. Nothing to really see in St. George's. Whereas at King's Wharf, we spent close to 2 hours as there were more things to venture out to. St. George's should be skipped altogether instead head directly to Hamilton and have an extra day there.

Visited: Aug 07, 2011

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Most beautiful place on earth! Must check out the beaches throughout the island!! The ferry is very affordable to go from place to place. Horseshoe beach was beautiful.


3rd time to Bermuda!!! Love the island can’t wait to go back. Next time I plan to go around the time the go cart track near the airport is open... looks like sooo much fun!!!


Were not able to disembrk in St. George due to high winds. The cruise line provided bus passes for one day so we went and did our own walking tour. Very nice, small town. Lunch at Angelina's very tasty and a good value.

Visited: Jun 13, 2010

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