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by deconz

Great swimming and snorking a bar here to buy drinks and nice sandy beaches


by roseattwood

Beautiful people.Performing their songs and dance.We donated some fishing gear to the chief on this island to be distributed to the surrounding islands.The locals dont live on this island but come from many surrounding islands to sell their wares.Please spend your kina here.Yes those beautiful feathered headgear you see for 5kina can be bought into Australia.We had no problems and had a bit of fun wearing them on the ship.The locals here believe you conceive a baby by the Spirit entering the top of your head.Make sure you wear a hat for contraception. .lol


by roseattwood

A beautiful beach with locals coming from surrounding islands to greet the ship.Many school groups and church groups performing.All wanting donations.So make sure you take lots of kina.There was a money exchange but only able to change 50kina per person.Make sure you spend a bit on each of these islands as tourism is their only form of income which is needed for medical.They hunt for their food including fosh chicken and pig.

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