Did you take our "What's your Cruise IQ?" quiz from Bon Voyage Magazine yet?

Here's the link: http://cruiseline.com/bonvoyage/cruising-101/all-about-cruising/quiz-what-is-your-cruise-iq


It's a quick and fun 15 question quiz to test how much you really know about cruising.


Once you've taken the quiz, share your score -- aka your Cruise IQ -- here. If you get a high score, that's great - it means you're a cruise pro and need to spend more time at sea. If your score could be better, that's OK too... it just means you need to take a few more cruises to get up to speed. Hard to go wrong either way, right?



I'll start: I missed one question (#11) and got 94%. What's your Cruise IQ?