I was just on the Regal Princess Inaugural cruise.  It was a lot of fun and the ship is beautiful.  I loved the atrium and the constant activity you could find there from the violin quartet to the ballroom dancing.

We had a balcony cabin and felt it was really small.  Two people could hardly walk by each other and forget about showering with your spouse!  But it was nicely decorated and I did enjoy going out on the balcony to read in the few free minutes we had.

The dining rooms were very nice.  We loved Sabatini's and were unable to get into the Crown Grill.  Their traditional restaurants were very good except for one night the menu was a throw back to the 80's.  The selections were very limiting.  However, the following night the scallop and shrimp entree was amazing!  We had late seating and were able to see all the shows in the theater, some prior to dining, others after.

We enjoyed the entertainment and Ron the Cruise Director was really fun.

We felt the band which played in the Viking lounge should play longer.  They usually quit around 11 pm just after the shows were over.  We preferred dancing to their rock style music over the piano and ballroom dancing, and the female singer was fantastic.