My sister and I just returned from a fantastic cruise on the Carnival Breeze. Because of our play we received a free inside cabin and a premier offer. We called our agent and  because we did not have our credit card with us we were told we could not not reserve a cabin and there were only 2 cabins with tubs and we needed to reserve them before 8 pm.

Our train was supposed to get in by 7 pm so we thought we could get home and have the credit card available. The train ran late so we missed our normal agent. We called the pr

emier number to reserve a room and planned to pay the difference 

to upgrade to cabin with tub.

The agent, Angela, told us that the spa cabin had a tub(which I need because I cannot take showers because of recent eye surgery ). I asked twice and my sister asked again if the cabin had a tub and were assured that it did. We paid an extra $1800 for the Spa room that we thought had tub. Tuesday I decided to look up the type of room we secured and I was shocked to find that it did not have a tub. I wrote Carnival to get redress because I was lied to. I did not receive any calls back. Today I called and was passed around to 4 people. I finally ended up with Ivan, who told me he was senior desk agent for helping guests. He did not apologize for agent's obvious misrepresentation but passed it off as "agent error" . It was clearly an  outright lie to get me to buy cabin at much higher rate. I asked how he would remedy the situation and he said would send me a bottle of champagne. I told him as a premier member I was already entitled to a free bottle of champagne. He also said he would cancel the reservation. This would not help because I have non-refundable airfare and Miami hotels already booked.  I asked him if he felt wine was a an appropriate solution to being baited and switched.   This treatment is why Carnival is loosing customers. I have sailed on 5 Carnival cruises since last September and