I ask this of veteran cruisers (sailed on 3 or more different lines), do you find that when you are aboard during your cruise you tend to compare your current cruise ship/line to past cruises you have been on? I have found myself guilty of this practice. As opposed to comparing the positive things that the ship or line has to offer, I tend to say " well, when we sailed on our last cruise, the other cruise line did this, or offered us that". I realized this over the last few days when reading reviews by many new cruisers (1st timers). Many came off the ship just as bright eyed as they probably were when they boarded with positive reviews and attitudes! And on the other hand, many were disappointed in the cruise with what seemed to be bad research of the cruise, ship or line and sometimes, all three! People that complained about their inside cabins being too small for four people astounded me (and in many cases, these complaints were from past cruisers who I felt should have been savy on this). There are many situations that can cause less than good cruises such as poor crew attitude or onboard food. But some of the reviews I have read are just ludicrous. Such as one I had read where a poster gave a 1 star review to a cruise because they weren't even able to board due to things that happened PRIOR to even getting to the ship. My point here is that I have forced myself to have 1st time cruiser vision and NOT compare my current cruise to past cruises. This helps me to see some of the amenities offered onboard that ship as opposed to being negative about the cruise based upon it not offering what other ships I had sailed offered. Sure, I've had some less than good cruises but in my eyes, if the ship doesn't sink, I had a good cruise. Thanks for reading. ;)