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Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway

Sail date: April 15, 2018

You get what you pay for (oh, so true!) And you don't pay a lot so you end up paying for bad food and then being nickle and dimed to death.

If all you want is a cheap place to stay with endless food while visiting ports this is the ship for you. Do not judge though cruiseship experiences by this one, however, quality of food, service etc. If you want a cruise ship experience that you pampered a bit don't go to the Haven which is the section of the ship where you can get a classic cruise experience, room service, quiet private areas etc. and about the same prices as the high end ships mentioned at the end of this sentence just go for a better ship, Holland, Celebrity, Cunard not quite as expensive as the high end Seaboune, Azmara, Regent 7 Seas, but more have more traditional high end tour.

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Le Havre (Paris), France

Do NOT take the walking tour here, was boring and a rip off. There is a bee Bus Tour that gives you highlights of town, take THAT. The town itself is very modern and not picturesque.

New York, New York

Well, it is New York after all although I didn't do sightseeing this time as just got off took a Uber to the port.

Cobh (Cork), Ireland

Been there before as was miserable wet weather did not sight see there but good little museum at train service and great wifi I could get it on cabin balcony.

Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway

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