Two Cruise Ships Collide in Vancouver

holland america ships collide vancouver
Damaged balconies on Nieuw Amsterdam - Photo by Ken Carrusca (see tweet below)

While docking at the Canada Place cruise terminal in Vancouver, Holland America’s Oosterdam collided with another ship from the same line, Nieuw Amsterdam, while doing a parallel parking-type of maneuver into its berth.

The accident occurred just before 7 am on Saturday, May 4, according to a statement from Holland America. Both ships sustained minor damages, some of which were to six of Nieuw Amsterdam’s cabin balconies. No injuries were reported. Repairs started immediately, and neither ships’ itinerary has been affected.

One guest, Susan Carrusca, told the Vancouver Sun she was having breakfast at the stern of Nieuw Amsterdam when the ships collided. “We felt this jolt and I saw out the window something splash into the water. I’m guessing it was part of the rail.” She also said that she could hear crew members yelling “They hit us!” The captain originally told everyone to evacuate the stern, but then told them they could stay where they were.

Those who were scheduled to stay in the cabins with damaged balconies on the current itinerary have been moved to different staterooms. Both the Oosterdam and Nieuw Amsterdam are currently on 7-day cruises to Alaska.

Information: Vancouver Sun and Fox News

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