Carnival Cruise Line Fleet Gets New Hull Design

Carnival's hulls will feature red, white, and blue designs. - Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line has announced that its entire fleet will receive a dramatic new hull design. A new red, white, and blue hull artwork will soon be a trademark feature on all Carnival ships as the line prepares to celebrate its 50th birthday in 2022. This design initially debuted on Carnival’s newest ship, Carnival Mardi Gras

According to Carnival, this new design pays homage to maritime tradition and patriotic colors. The navy coloring is inspired by officer’s uniforms and features red and white accents that will span the entirety of the ship. 

Carnival's new hull design will roll out on all ships as the line prepares to celebrate its 50th birthday in 2022 - Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

"When we first saw the hull design for Mardi Gras, we knew it was something special and, particularly as we get ready to celebrate our 50th birthday, we're delighted to incorporate this stunning livery as a signature exterior design element across our fleet," said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line.  "As we look to resume sailing in the U.S., we're coming back with a signature new look as well!"

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The first ship to receive the new design update will be Carnival Magic while it is drydocked in Marseilles. The vessel will also receive enhancements to its casino and WaterWorks Aquapark. Carnival Glory is slated to be the second ship to receive the new hull design during its upcoming June drydock.  

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Posted by PaulzyJC

Boooooring! The original fancy colorful artwork was better.

Posted by PaulzyJC

Oh wait, nevermind! Those are the Royal Carribs I'm thinking of. Sorry, but still boring colors!

Posted by PaulzyJC

Nope! Darnity! I meant NORWEGIAN! Ugh! To be fair: with the party vibe on Carnival, I'm not surprised I thought their ships were as colorful as Norwegian's. PS: I've only sailed Celebrity.

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