Cruise Line Debuts Free High-Speed Internet

cruise ship oceania cruises free internet
Oceania Cruises is making a bold move for free internet in the cruise market. - Photo by Steven Mason/Thinkstock

High-speed internet is headed to Oceania Cruises’ ships in the near future.


With Wavenet internet, guests will be able to upload and download large files in a snap, and do everything from streaming video and audio, to surfing the web and posting on social media. The connection will be so strong, that travelers can even livestream, Facetime, and Skype with friends and family back home.

Free and unlimited Wavenet service will be included for all cabin categories on all sailings. To stream TV shows, movies, or music, there’s an upgrade called Wavenet Prime, which is available for $10 per day.

The high-speed Wavenet internet debuts on all six vessels in the fleet by the end of April.

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