Carnival Changes In-Cabin TV Channel Lineup

carnival cruise cabin television network channels
Carnival has a number of networks on their in-cabin TVs. - Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

Cabin TV channel complainers, rejoice! Carnival Cruise Line has announced that they are currently in the middle of changing the channel lineup available on stateroom televisions across the North American-based fleet.

Carnival Sunshine, Pride, and Conquest have already received the new channels, which include the Travel Channel, HGTV, Discovery, and CBS News, which is replacing a network that has been the center of much cruise chatter controversy: CNN. Carnival sent letters to guests onboard ships that would be switching over during their cruise, which stated the following:

“We are excited to announce a new network channel line-up coming to your stateroom television. We will begin migrating our content on the morning of January 17 and expect the change to be completed by noon on January 18. During this time, you may experience brief service interruptions as each channel changes over. Our new line-up includes popular, top-rated channels such as Nickelodeon, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel and Discovery. In addition, A CBS national news channel will now broadcast critically acclaimed programs providing original reporting, interviews and breaking news 24 hours a day. Your complimentary movie channel, our original Carnival content channels and sports programming at our bars will not experience any interruptions during this process.”

Many of the channels that have previously been available on Carnival still remain, but the following is a list of the new ones and what they replaced:

  • Channel 22: CBS National News (Changed from CNN)

  • Channel 23: SPYDAR (Changed from CNN International)

  • Channel 24: Kids Central (Changed CNN Espanol)

  • Channel 25: Nickelodeon (Changed from HLN)

  • Channel 26: HGTV (Changed from Boomerang)

  • Channel 27: Food Network (Changed from Cartoon Network)

  • Channel 28: Travel Channel (Changed from TNT)

  • Channel 29: Discovery Channel (Changed from TBS)

There are also two more new-to-Carnival networks which are yet to be announced, replacing TruTV and TCM.

In a post on his Facebook page, Carnival Ambassador John Heald shared “Your complimentary movie channel, our original Carnival content as well as the sports programming at our bars will remain unchanged at this time. We also hope to add a second complimentary movie channel to in-stateroom TV sometime in the near future.”

Here’s what some of his Facebook fans had to say in the comments section:

“I saw there were changes made and had to ask my husband if the TV in our cabin got real channels on our last cruise...LOL Neither one of us could remember turning the TV on.” - Tammie

“I'm not one to watch tv but good change for those who do. Now no one can complain that Fox news is shown and not CNN and vice versa. Just enjoy the cruise people. You can catch up on the politics when you get home.” - Angie

“Great changes. Thanks! Happy to have HGTV and Food Network along with the complimentary movies back. They weren't on our prior 2 ships. The last we had it was the Horizon in April/May with their different system.” - Melissa

The new lineup of channels should be effective for the entire North American fleet by tomorrow, January 18.

Information: Cruise Hive

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Posted by luv2cruz99

Thanks for updating the TV channels and getting rid of the 2 or 3 CNN channels! We were about to boycott Carnival for RC, but all is good now!

Posted by mrwayneswife510

Great news!

Posted by Robert1218

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