New Q&A Feature Comes to Shipmate

Shipmate is making it easier to find the answer to all of your cruise-related questions! - Photo by Canva

Got questions about cruising? Our Shipmate community has the answers! Debating between cruising with Carnival or Royal Caribbean? Wondering what’s the best specialty restaurant on Celebrity Edge? The new Q&A feature on Shipmate is the perfect resource to find the answers to all of these questions and much more. 


When you submit your cruise-related questions, our community of more than a million seasoned sailors will be there to help. Your questions will be answered by fellow experienced travelers who have been on the same ships you are sailing. This new tool is a great way to help you plan your dream cruise before you even step on the ship! 

If you're knowledgeable on a particular ship or cruise line, we invite you to share your expertise and answer questions shared by your fellow community members! 

Here’s how to ask a question using the new Q&A feature on Shipmate: 

  1. Go to the Ship page which you would like to ask a question.
  2. Select the Q&A Button. 
    • Android: Select the blue circle with a “+” icon. iOS: Select the “Ask” button on the Right navigation button.
  3. From here you can type in your cruise or port-related question for fellow community members to reply to. 
  4. Hit the blue ‘Ask’ button. 
  5. Your question will now appear in the Q&A section. 

Here’s how to reply to a question using the Shipmate Q&A feature: 


  1. Go to the Ship or Port page in which you would like to reply to a question.
  2. Select the Q&A Button. 
  3. Under the question which you would like to answer, click the ‘Answer Question’ link.  
  4. Type in your reply, and select ‘Answer’ to submit the response. 

We hope you find this new tool informative and useful in helping you plan your next vacation! Please feel free to drop us a note at with any questions or feedback. 

Wishing you smooth seas ahead and happy cruising! 

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