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We can't take a Carnival cruise without having a burger (or five!) from Guy's! - Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

Possibly the most popular restaurant on Carnival Cruise Line isn't even a restaurant at all, it's the walk-up poolside venue Guy's Burger Joint. Created in partnership with Food Network star Guy Fieri, the complimentary counter-service spot serves up a variety of juicy burgers and hand-cut fries. Here's the full menu, plus a special bonus burger found only on ships sailing from a certain state. 

Plain Jane Burger

80/20 ground chuck, seasoned, and smashed on the grill, then served up on a bun for you to add whatever toppings you want

Straight Up Burger

80/20 ground chuck, super melty cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and Donkey Sauce

Pig Patty

The “Straight Up” burger with another patty made out of crispy bacon

The Ringer

The "Straight Up" burger with Guy's Bourbon and Brown Sugar barbecue sauce and a Rojo Ring (spicy onion ring)

Chilius Maximus

80/20 ground chuck, super melty cheese, a Rojo Ring, Donkey Sauce, and chili

Other Things to Note:

  • All burgers are served with hand-cut fries topped with Guy's Signature Seasoning. 
  • Even though they don't appear on the menu, veggie burgers are available upon request.
  • Donkey Sauce is a mayo-based sauce with garlic, mustard, and a bit of Worcestershire sauce.
  • There's a toppings bar to build your burger the way you want, including things like sauteed onions, mushrooms, bacon, lettuce, a variety of sauces, and more. 
  • On ships departing Texas, there's another burger on the menu called the Big Tex Burger. It comes with two beef patties, super melty cheese, a slice of American cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Donkey Sauce, roasted green chili salsa, melted butter with roasted garlic, and tortilla strips.
  • This venue is available on every Carnival ship.

For more information, visit Carnival's website.

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