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Carnival Fantasy

February 2016 - 2 Night Bahamas (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Fantasy

The Cruise from Hell

This was my very first cruise, for my first anniversary. Starting off the room was extremely warm. Even after turning on the ceiling (AC) fan. You could only feel the air coming out if you placed your hand up to it. I tried calling the room steward several times and couldn't get through to anybody.

The Level I was on Riviera Deck #4 had a constant odor especially near the main elevators. it was either fishy smelling or the smell of rotten garbage the whole trip.

The first night they were announcing Bingo with a $500.00 Diamond necklace. We ( My wife & I) went. I purchased a $30.00 pack. Having never played Bingo before, it was a fun experience. First game was won by 1 individual $100.00 Prize. Second game had 2 winners who split $250.00. $125.00 each. Then came the final game. I was only missing 1 spot!! It was called & I instantly yelled out BINGO!!The wining ticket was verified. then another lady said she thought she might have a bingo as well. It was almost 5 minutes after my winning ticket was verified, they verified she had one as well. it was announced the prize was to be split, then realized it was the necklace. It could not be split so a tie breaker was to be done. the other lady won. Then it was announced she won the necklace & $125.00 cash. I got jack ****. Why the game before the prize was split. I didn't even get a c prize. just a better luck tomorrow night.

The next morning we woke up to an announcement from the bridge that there were technical difficulties & that the ship could not reach full speed so we would not be going to our destination of Nassau. Instead we were putting in port at Freeport. The night before we had purchased a shore excursion package for the Atlantis Hotel and casino. luckily carnival refunded the purchase price for this.

My wife got up and used the bathroom and the toilet would not flush. i overheard other out in the hallway complaining of the same thing. So I stepped out and talked to the room steward who was there. He said he would call the plumbers.

While is Freeport we got off the ship and did some shopping for friends & family. That evening we had dinner in the Celebration Room. The food was just ok. Nothing to write home about. The Breakfast Brunch buffet was barely tolerable. My wife wanted to Eat at the GUY Fieri Burger grill. It was very good. we also wanted to try the pizzas, but they were never open whenever we went by there, lunch, dinner, or even later at night. Never did find the Mongolian Grill that was advertised on their web site.

We left Freeport, Bahamas at around 6 PM. We played bingo again, then had dinner and went to bed. We were supposed to arrive back in FT. Lauderdale at AM. then get off the ship at around 9:30 AM. I was woke up by a bright light coming in the window at 5AM. We were already back in & docked. I got up and went to get some coffee.The breakfast buffet was not even ready. By 7 Am the captain was announcing that if you hadn't put your bags outside of your room the night before. you needed to start getting your things together and disembark the ship & that the elevators would only be available for this process. I felt like cattle being herded out the door.

After this experience I'm not to sure if I will ever take another cruise.

Too bad this was my first cruise for my first anniversary. maybe it would of been better off staying home & not spending around $1200.00.

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Nassau, Bahamas

Never made it there. sosad we wanted to check out the Atlantis resort for our next Honeymoon destination.

Carnival Fantasy

Carnival Fantasy

Don't ever do it!!

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