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March 2016 - 8 Night Southern Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Conquest

Carnival Commodequest err Conquest, not so great cruise

I was also on the 3/19 Carnival Cruise to the Southern Caribbean. The first 3 days we could occasionally smell a sewer aroma in our room and throughout the ship. Tues night I ate dinner at 6pm (veal), had terrible heartburn by 10pm, and by 1am I had nasty stuff flying out of both ends. This continued all night. 3 vomiting episodes, 15 plus bouts of diarrhea. At 8 am I went to the ship Medical. They checked my vitals, no temp. They agreed it might have been the food since I had not eaten anywhere else. They gave me pepto bismal and told me to return later that day if my symptoms did not stop. The medical dept agreed we should cancel our Curacao Jeep excursion that was scheduled months in advance. It never stopped, another 12-15 bouts of diarrhea. Back to the medical dept at 6pm. They gave me Imodium AD and isolated me to my room. After about 11pm things began to settle down but I had terrible flu like symptoms (aching muscles,sore bones, no energy). Again, they agreed that it was probably food poisoning. Thursday morning I was finally able to eat soup. The Medical dept cancelled my atv Aruba excursion. This was scheduled months in advance. Friday I continued having flu like symptoms and could only sit around or move slowly a short distance. Again, just eating very lightly.

This was our 3rd cruise and we only scheduled it due to the ports of Curacao and Aruba. Of course we missed both of these and our whole retirement/30 year anniversary cruise was ruined. Carnival felt sooooo bad they offered me $154 on my NEXT cruise....WHAT???? I challenged it and they stuck to their guns because that is their policy. Well, my policy is not to use any company that doesn't back their product. Carnival seemed to go downhill versus our last Carnival cruise a year ago. The food wasn't as good, the entertainment was much less and not very entertaining, and they had no security so gangs of kids(all ages) were running around getting into trouble. Plus there were several entertainment events we went to that turned out to be an exercise in trying to sell you something. Very disappointed in Carnival. Good luck to all you Carnival cruisers. 

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Carnival Conquest

Carnival Conquest

Read my review and don't get food poisoning or it is on you!!

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