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by Jenisceuising07

Best part of the cruise! Relaxing and beautiful. The service on the island is unsurpassed as everything is included including food. Only pay for motor sports and excursions but plenty to do for free.

Visited: Jan 16, 2019

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by sasipantz672613

This is the BEST part of the whole trip! By far the best private island of any cruise line. It’s beautiful, clean, full of fun things for the kids to do. The adults only area is amazing too! Can’t wait to get back.

Visited: Jan 21, 2018

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by propwash79

Castaway is always clean and in great order... the snorkel area was closed due to jetski maintenance......??? That's what the lifeguards told us. I did know me and my 2 daughters got stung by something, felt like a piss ant(fireant bite) I think it was sealice but after 3min it was gone, still fun to ride the bikes on the island.

Visited: Dec 02, 2019

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by cptyugi

Extremely fun and there is so much to do! It is like the cruise on land! Incredible U can't believe it was that much fun! Again Incredible just Incredible


by csp4126

Love Castaway Cay!😍 My Favorite Island in the Bahamas. Disney touches are everywhere on this little piece of Paradise. From Pelican Plunge to Scuttles Cove and over to Serenity Bay there is something for all ages on this Enchanted Island😉😊👍👍


by Lillypad3

We had the double dip cruise, going there twice. It was so amazing. We spent the first day with our kids and did snorkeling and different slides and splash fun. The second day we checked them into the island kids club and bikes to the adult beach. It was the highlight of the trip. Now we know why it’s called Serenity Bay.

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