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Disney Dream

Disney Dream

Sail date: September 23, 2016

The Disney Dream

I have very little complaints about the Disney Dream, after all it is Disney.  From the beauty of the ship, the service, the bedding, our state rooms, the food, it was all fantastic.  However, we had an elderly woman in a wheelchair that made the elevator situation very difficult.  The ships should be able to accommodate the handicap better by providing a designated elevator for them.  At times the elevators and corridors were very warm. Last, but not least, they should have a better plan "B" for days when the guests are not able to disembark on their private island due to the weather.  On Sunday we encountered this problem.  There was torrential rain and storms and we found ourselves on a ship with five children who made us crazy.  There wasn't a lot of activities they could do and we couldn't even go shopping.  The shops were finally opened a few hours later while the ship was docked, but the entire morning was very stressful.  Because of the circumstances we entered the theatre to watch Finding Dory, to try and entertain the kids, but when we tried to get popcorn, we had to pay for it.  I think that under the circumstances, Disney should have made an exception and they should have given the popcorn out for free.  Other than that, it was a lot of fun.

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Castaway Cay (Disney Private Island)

The only problem was we did not enjoy the fullness of the island because it rained half of the day and we were not able to go on until the afternoon. All watersports were cancelled.

Disney Dream

Disney Dream

Review all your documents and try to make as many reservations and plans before getting on the ship. Once you are on the ship time moves quickly and if you have not previously planned you can miss out on a lot.

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