Resorts & Hotels Revamp Their Protocols to Keep Guests Safe

Hotels revamp their health & safety policies to keep guest safer - Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

While we can't take to the high seas on cruising adventures right now, there are other ways to travel. Whether it's escaping to Mexico for a few margaritas or getting some relaxation in during a getaway to another part of the Caribbean, resorts and hotels across the region are prepared to welcome visitors. Here are some details and tips about what a visit to one of these exotic destinations will look like in our pandemic world.

There is an App for That…

Prior to arrival check out your resort's app or website. Most major providers have digitized many of their services to allow for a more contactless experience while at the resort. Here are just some of the services available via mobile apps or websites being offered by hotels:: 

  • Contactless Check In/Out and access to your receipt of charges
  • Access your room using a digital key via an app
  • Contact staff members and make special requests
  • View menus, daily itineraries, resort maps or activity calendars
  • Book spa appointments, excursions or get info on local attractions

The New Arrival Experience

From the moment you arrive at the airport until you get to your room you can expect to see many new safety measures being implemented. Resorts sometimes offer private lounges, complimentary masks, and more to their guests arriving by air as they await their transfer. Other measures such as reduced number of guests per transfer, drivers properly equipped with PPE equipment, and vehicles thoroughly sanitized between each trip, will give you peace of mind as you make your way to your destination. 

Upon arrival at the hotel you should expect to have your temperature checked. But don't expect to see a large gathering of employees behind the Plexi Glass shielded front desk, as many hotels are encouraging contactless check-in options. Self-check-in tables or kiosks may also be available.  Seating areas in lobbies have been reduced and six-foot markers are often added to the floor to encourage social distancing.

Elevator Etiquette

That's right, there is a whole new set of rules for using the elevator too. Although, we always think the stairs are a good option to work off that second round of guacamole. Ideally, one person or group should use the elevator at a time and some locations may even require this. If you are in an elevator there will likely be markers on the floor showing where each person should stand to maximize social distancing. Try to avoid leaning on walls, touching handrails or the elevator buttons whenever possible. (Pro Tip: use your knuckle to push buttons.)

Enhanced Room Cleaning

The process of cleaning of your resort or hotel room has also undergone a series of changes that should make you feel more comfortable in your home away from home. New rigorous cleaning protocols require that surfaces are treated with hospital-grade disinfectants. The housekeeping staff often use new enhanced cleaning technologies including electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces. Some hotels are even using air purifying systems that are effective against viruses in the air and on surfaces. While your room will be rigorously cleaned prior to your arrival, daily housekeeping may be modified or suspended depending on your comfort level.

Getting Around the Public Areas

Unsurprisingly, face coverings are required for guests and employees in all indoor public areas. Although while eating, hanging at the pool or beach, or even just walking around outside, masks may not be required at some resorts. Common areas have been modified to help guests adhere to social-distancing requirements and you will be asked to be mindful of keeping the suggested distance from other guests or team members. Public areas are subject to the same new rigorous cleaning protocols that were seen in your room except on a more frequent basis. For safety, some services, or amenities such as pool, spas, fitness centers, restaurants etc. may be modified or suspended, so be sure to check out what will be available during your stay to avoid disappointments.

What to Look for in a Resort

While the information we've gathered is applicable to most resorts, it’s a good idea to check out the health and safety details with your Travel Agent or the hotel directly before booking. There are a few key things you want to make sure your resort is offering like frequent cleaning of common areas. Make sure they have social distancing protocols in place as well as hand sanitizers at key locations. Hotel staff should be wearing PPE equipment and housekeeping should be trained to properly sanitize using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved disinfectants. It's also a good idea to check that employees are also being regularly screened and that the hotel/resort is adhering to Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) guidelines.

While the experience at a resort in 2021 may look vastly different than it did in the past, the opportunities for exciting adventures remain the same (and the margaritas taste the same too!).

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