REPORT: Carnival Hikes Beverage Gratuities

carnival cruise beverages automatic gratuity increase
Beverages onboard will now incur a higher auto-gratuity rate. - Photo by Carnival Cruise Line

Crew-focused website is reporting that the automatic gratuities for beverages and specialty dining on Carnival Cruise Line ships will increase by 3 percent, from 15 percent to 18 percent effective December 1, 2018.

A letter to crew from Richard Morse, Senior Vice President Hotel Operations obtained by reads, in part:

"We are pleased to announce effective on sailings starting on or after December 1st, the automatic gratuity added to the guests' check for all beverage sales and a la carte dining outlets will increase from 15% to 18%. In addition the extra tip line will remain on all the guests’ checks. This enables our guests to add any additional extra gratuity they deem appropriate. This increase will reflect your first paycheck of December 2018.

"From this 3% increase, 1.5% will go to server and remaining 1.5% will go into the ASP pool," Morse wrote.  "As you know the ASP pool funds employee compensation and benefit programs that you receive; including bar level pay, itinerary stipend pay, as well as free uniform and return airline tickets."

The increase in beverage and specialty dining gratuities will take effect the same date as the increase in Carnival's general onboard gratuities takes effect.

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What do you think of beverage auto-gratuities? Should they be included in the cost of the drink?


Posted by lisa2723

hell no

Posted by HeeTinok

I thought we paid for gratuities at booking. Shouldn't need to be charged again.

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