New Cruise Line Private Island Welcomes Its First Ship

ocean cay msc cruises bahamas private island
Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is open for business! - Photo by MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises’ brand-new private island in the Bahamas welcomed its very first guests today.

Passengers onboard MSC Divina were the first to visit Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, which has been transformed from an old industrial sand excavation site into a beautiful tropical destination for cruisers. The development of Ocean Cay was a unique feat that took nearly three years to complete. 7,500 tons of scrap metal were removed, and throughout the clean-up process, a team of divers and marine biologists carefully removed hard coral colonies from debris on the ocean bed, relocating them to an approved location outside of the construction area. Over 75,000 shrubs and plants were planted across the island to create a biodiverse and sustainable environment.

msc cruises ocean cay bahamas private island
Photo by MSC Cruises

“Ocean Cay is founded on a deep commitment to ecological principles – beliefs that shape everything from how venues are built, to how the island is run, to the kinds of activities featured on the island. Having the first guests arrive on the island is a moment of great pride for all of us at MSC Cruises,” said the line’s Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago. “We wanted to create for our guests something sustainable, with a higher purpose. Ocean Cay is not just a vacation island, it is a unique marine reserve where people and nature thrive in harmony.”

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Upon arrival at Ocean Cay, visitors will be greeted with sweeping views of crystal blue waters and pristine white sand beaches. Ships will dock in early morning, and not depart until late at night leaving plenty of time to enjoy the island throughout the day. Many activities are available, including kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. Passengers can also treat themselves to a spa treatment, relax in a private cabana, and stroll through the village featuring authentic and local Bahamian arts and crafts. When it’s time to dine, there’s the complimentary Seakers Food Court as well as six food trucks to choose from, and cocktails are available from multiple bars around the island. When the sun sets, Ocean Cay will offer traditional Junkanoo parades, lighthouse light shows, and more. 

In the coming months, MSC will also introduce a Conservation Center on the island, which will serve as an active base for coral education and research. The natural beauty of the ocean and beaches is the focal point of Ocean Cay, and the eco-friendly and sustainable practices implemented on the island as well as designating the surrounding waters as a marine reserve are built around the line’s promise to protect, restore, and conserve it. 

All four of MSC’s Florida-based ships will call at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve - MSC Armonia, Divina, Meraviglia, and Seaside

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