Cruise Line Raises Daily Service Charge

holland america gratuities daily service charge
Gratuities are going up on Holland America. - Photo by Holland America

In a continuing trend, another cruise line has hiked their daily gratuities, or “hotel service charge.”


Holland America has changed the FAQ section of their website to reveal that for all cruises departing on or after December 1, 2018, the daily charge per passenger is $14.50 for those in regular cabins and $16 for suite passengers. This is up from the current rate of $13.50 and $15, respectively.

The line also explains in this particular Q&A that all of the money goes to the onboard crew such as dining room waiters and room stewards, as well as valuable employees that many cruisers never get the chance to interact with, including laundry and galley staff. 

As always, Holland America reminded travelers that if service does not meet their expectations, they are free to adjust the amount that they are charged at the end of the cruise. The 2019 Grand World Voyage and Grand South America Antarctica Voyage will follow the current price structure and not be affected by the change.

Source: Cruise Radio

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