Carnival Cruise Ship Hits Manhattan Dock

carnival horizon manhattan crash cruise pier
Carnival Horizon's bow hit the pier structure. - Photo by NYC Fire Wire Facebook page

Carnival Cruise Line’s new ship Carnival Horizon had a bit of a snafu this morning at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.


The ship was arriving into port just before 6 am this morning when the vessel’s bow crashed into the dock at Pier 90, damaging two metal support beams and part of a parking level above them. “Impact to the bow of the ship was minor," a spokesman for Carnival said.

No one was injured in the accident, and passengers were able to disembark as scheduled at the terminal. The incident isn’t expected to effect the ship’s next sailing, which is an 8-day Caribbean cruise that will depart this evening. Ports America, the terminal’s operator, has brought in contractors to repair the damage. The US Coast Guard and New York City authorities are investigating.

The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is a notoriously difficult spot to navigate cruise ships, and factors including Hudson River currents and a small turnaround space for ships to maneuver make the port a challenge for even the most experience captains and pilots.

Sources: NYC Fire Wire, NBC New York, & Cruise Radio

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