Shipmate Introduces New Community Feature: User Blocking

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At Shipmate, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our community so that it can be a welcoming, accepting place for members to come and talk about all things cruising. We’ve been listening to your feedback on what types of ways that we can enhance your experience and tailor your interactions with others in the community. 

Based on your responses, we’ve released a User Blocking option that will allow each member to personally control who’s content they see on Shipmate. Just like that hairy back contest you’re still trying to erase from your memory, you can easily block a user and their content will no longer appear for you and your content won’t be visible to them. This will also prevent you from receiving any direct messages from that user after they are blocked. Should you decide to use this feature, you will now have the capability to control how other users can contact you, view your profile or comments you make on posts, and send you direct messages. This function will also remove any content or posts made from users that you select to block - allowing you to control what you see in your own newsfeed. 

This feature will be available in the 4.16.1 update that will be available for all users by the first week of October 2020. 

Our goal at Shipmate is to make our app a positive, fun experience for all users, however, we know that sometimes this is not possible due to communications you may receive from other members. By implementing the User Blocking function we hope to limit these interactions. 

To utilize the Block User function follow these simple steps: 

Option 1: 

Find the ability to block users on all comments and photos. 

1. Tap the flag button or more options menu (3 vertical dots) next to a photo or comment by the member you wish to block.

Select Report Content & Block User or Block User

2. This will bring up a menu where you can select Block User (Red Arrow in Image Above) or Report Content and Block User (Purple Arrow in Image Above) 

3. The user is now blocked and you will no longer see their posts. 

Option 2:

1. Visit the profile of the Shipmate member you wish to block

2. Select the Block User button on the profile page.

3. This user is now blocked and you will no longer see their posts.  

You can now access a list of all blocked users directly from your profile.

We’ve also added a section to your profile where you can view all members that you have blocked. To see this list, visit your profile page and select Blocked Users.

Have any questions, comments, or feedback you would like to share with us regarding User Blocking? Send us a note to  We would love to hear from you!

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Posted by PaulzyJC

Why or when is the Block User going to be added to website? I don't always have the app handy to do this while I'm on my PC.

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