Using Shipmate without Internet on a Cruise

The average cost for internet access on a cruise ship can easily be the cost of several drinks per day AND, it's not always the fastest speed. Watching an adorable cat video while at sea can cost you as much a the cost of your room per night.

We’re assuming most of our users will go into “Airplane Mode” as soon as the Muster Drill ends (Note: maritime international law prohibits watching cat videos during the Muster Drill). Now, you can continue to use Shipmate while off the grid. Some things you can do with this update:

  • Sit poolside and read up on your next port.
  • While on a bar-stool, use your deck maps to find the nearest bathroom
  • Read through recent reviews of your current ship and see what others recommended doing
Make sure to download your cruise a couple of days before you depart to ensure you download the latest information.

To Use:  as long as you’ve saved your upcoming cruise, it’ll be stored for offline use.  You may see a “Saving for offline use” screen pop up.  This will only happen once and then you’re forever ready to disconnect.

Please let us know what other offline functionality you’d like to see in the comments below!  And, if you like what we’ve done, please take a minute to rate us in Apple App Store or in Google Play. We’re always really grateful to see users taking the time to review the app in those!

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