Shipmate Cruise Ship Tracker

With our relaunched Cruise Ship Tracker, you can now see the current location of all cruise ships at once.

To use the new ship tracker open the app and navigate to the “Explore” tab in your main menu bar. You’ll find this main menu bar at the bottom of the app. 

From our Explore menu, you’ll see a few options. Included is “Ship Tracking.” Select this and you’ll find our latest feature.

Shipmate Cruise Ship Tracker

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our new cruise ship tracking feature.

Why are some locations not current?

Ship Mate uses the most updated ship location data made available to the public. Most of the time, we can track your ship within the past hour. Often, though, the ship’s location isn’t so “current.” We’ve seen this latitude and longitude info lag from hours to even days. Unfortunately, we have no control over the recency of this data.

Some day when Ship Mate gets big enough, we’ll try to launch some satellites or drones or something to get even more up-to-date location data possible. Ooh, or maybe a blimp. With our logo on the side of it.

Why does the “my location” button not find me?

When tapping the “my location” button in the top, right-hand corner, that will zoom the map closer to your position. If it’s not working, that’s because you’ve disallowed Ship Mate to access your location. You can fix this in the “Settings” area of your iOS or Android device.

How do I track a specific ship or cruise line?

Our Cruise Ship Tracker now offers the ability to search! You can track a specific ship or a whole cruise line. Or, both a specific ship and a cruise line. Or all cruise lines and not one ship (not sure why you would.. but you can!)

When you’re not using the cruise ship tracker search area, it’ll not how many ships you’re currently tracking. To clear out all of your tracked ships, tap into the search area and select “Clear all selections.” That will then show all ship's current locations again.

I have a sweet pontoon boat. Can I use this feature to navigate the Atlantic?

No please don’t.


Here’s a quick video tutorial of the feature and a few of its abilities.

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