How to Search and Add Friends in Shipmate

When we cruise, we like to cruise with friends. Not just one or two… like dozens. Our record so far is a crew of 55. Yeah, we roll deep! Finding those friends in Shipmate just go a whole lot easier.

You can now search our millions of Shipmate users to find your friends. Using the “+” button, you can find others using their Shipmate username or email addresses.

Here’s a quick video demo showing exactly how to add friends within the Shipmate App.

Feature Video Demo: Find Friends using Search

In the video demo, we walk through the easy steps to find and add a friend on Ship Mate.

STEP 1:  Make sure that you have an account and that you’re logged in. Once that’s done, tap on your “Profile” tab. It’s the little guy on the far right in your main menu tab.

STEP 2:  You’ll find a new “+” button in your Friends view. On iOS, it’ll be on the top, right-hand corner. On Android, you’ll see it floating towards the bottom-right. Tap that.

STEP 3:  Enter your friend’s username or email address. In the video demo above, we search for our buddies “sea_cruisers” – they have a great YouTube video channel about cruising and we’d like to keep in touch with them within Shipmate. Once we search, it shows us that it’s located that ship mate and gives us the option to send a friend request. Once we tap “Yes,” our friends The Donoho Sisters (sea_cruisers) get a notice that we’ve sent a friend request. They can choose to accept or decline. Once they accept, they’ll show up in my Ship Mates list and I can easily access their profile whenever I want.

How to add a friend in Shipmate

What if we can’t find your shipmate?  If you search by username or email and we can’t find who you’re looking for, then no prob! Type in your friend’s email address and it’ll offer to send an invitation to Shipmate. Once they’ve created an account, you can then connect on the app.

How else can I add friends?  You can also add friends throughout Shipmate by tapping on other users’ profiles. That hasn’t changed. From Newsfeed, Roll Call, Chat or anywhere else that you see a user icon – simply tap that icon and you’ll get to a user’s profile. From there, you’ll see the option to “Add friend.”

IMPORTANT: Please remember… friends don’t let friends cruise alone.

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