How to Add a Missing Cruise in Shipmate

We’ve heard from many of our users requesting cruise lines, ships, and itineraries that we’re missing. Previously, Shipmate users weren’t able to complete their cruising profile due to these omissions. 

You can now add missing cruises to your profile even in the following scenarios.

  • New Sailings not yet in Shipmate
  • Retired Ships
  • Smaller Cruise Lines
  • Missing Lines & Ships

At Shipmate, we do our best to find and include all itineraries. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to find every set of ports, dates, times, etc. necessary for a full cruise to show up in the app. This update allows you to add a “placeholder” cruise in this case. It’ll show up in your “My Cruises” list, but you won’t be able to click through for all normal features like Reviews, Tips, Tracking, Deck Maps, etc. As often as possible, we’ll replace this placeholder with a full sailing if we're able to get the schedule.

Below you’ll find a video tutorial showing how to add a cruise in each of these situations.

If the video is too long or boring for you, feel free to use the tutorial below. We’ve outlined each scenario for your convenience.

New & Old Missing Itineraries:  cruise companies often release new itineraries. While we don’t have a direct pipeline into their database, we have some good buddies there that hook us up with this data as soon as possible. There’s typically a lag in time before these show up in the app. In that period of a week or two (sometimes more), you can still add these sailings using the directions below. Once we do get that itinerary, we’ll swap out your placeholder for the actual sailing.

Adding a new itinerary not yet in Shipmate:

  1. Go to “My Cruises” tab in Shipmate
  2. From “All Cruises” section, tap “Add Cruise”
  3. Select Cruise Line
  4. Choose Cruise Ship
  5. Select Year
  6. Choose Month
  7. Select “Itinerary Not Shown”
  8. Input day of sailing & length of cruise

If we’re missing a past sailing for one of our main cruise lines, the steps listed above will work to add that as well.

Retired Ships:  Like us, ships get old and retire. That doesn’t change the fact that many of you have sailed these in the past. As such, those should be included in your “All Cruises” list. You’ll still find some retired ships listed in the main list of cruise ships if we have full itineraries for those. Otherwise, those could be listed in the “Other ships” section. To add a retired ship to your cruising history, follow these steps.

  1. Go to “My Cruises” tab in Shipmate
  2. From “All Cruises” section, tap “Add Cruise”
  3. Select Cruise Line
  4. Choose Ship if shown, otherwise tap “Other Ships” button
  5. Select Ship from Other Ships List
  6. Add Cruise Date & Length

If your ship isn’t shown from the main or “other” list, you can skip to the “Ship Not Shown section below.

Smaller & River Cruise Lines:  We don’t want to discriminate against these guys. We just don’t have a reliable source for this itinerary data. These include some very popular lines like Cruise & Maritime Voyages, Hurtigruten, and many River Cruise Companies. Many have asked that we include this group of cruise lines so you can complete your cruising profiles. Ask and you shall receive. Follow the below instructions to include these.

  1. Go to “My Cruises” tab in Shipmate
  2. From “All Cruises” section, tap “Add Cruise”
  3. Select “Other Cruise Lines” from list
  4. Choose Cruise Line
  5. Select Ship
  6. Add Cruise Date & Length

If we don’t have the cruise line or ship in our “Other” section, please skip to the next section to manually add this.

Missing Line or Ship:  We’ve added as many “other” cruise lines and ships as able. We don’t expect that this includes every cruise line and ship that has every sailed. And we want you to be able to add every cruise line and ship that you’ve ever sailed. To achieve this, we’ve made it so that you can manually enter a cruise line and / or ship that we’re missing. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to “My Cruises” tab in Shipmate
  2. From “All Cruises” section, tap “Add Cruise”
  3. Select Cruise Line if shown, otherwise select “Other Ships”
  4. Choose Line or “Cruise Line Not Shown” and manually enter line name
  5. Manually enter name of Cruise Ship
  6. Add Cruise Date & Length

Using our normal ship selection process and these exceptions above, you should now be able to complete your entire cruising history. 

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