Lindblad Expeditions Review

National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica. - Photo by Lindblad Line / National Geographic

Best For

Adventurers who seek unusual itineraries, those who enjoy active shore excursions and have an interest in the environment, photography buffs and, on the wildlife cruises — especially Galapagos and Baja, California — families traveling with children.

Not For

Late-night party animals or mainstream cruisers looking for dining options, water parks, show lounge entertainment, gambling, or shopping.

We Love

  • The expedition team is tops, and many staff members have been with the line for years. 
  • The team organizes evening gatherings to recap the day and discuss plans for the next day.
  • Evening recaps also include watching videos created while ashore or — cooler still — under the sea by semi-submersible, underwater cameras and hydrophones.
  • Shore excursions in Zodiac inflatable motorboats get you close to sea life and the animals that gather at the water's edge.
  • Many itineraries involve close encounters with wildlife on land and provide the thrill of walking among the animals — especially in the Galapagos Islands.
  • Wildlife photography classes, run by National Geographic photographers, are offered on select itineraries.
  • In warm seas, you can kayak and snorkel off the side of the ship.

We Could Live Without

  • Cabins are sometimes small, especially aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion and National Geographic Sea Bird.
  • Occasionally, rough water conditions can feel intense aboard these small ships. 

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