What Do You Love About Cruising?

What do our members love the most about cruising? - Photo by Canva

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Since we won’t be sailing with our sweeties on the high seas this year, we thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate our love for our favorite pastime - cruising! Whether it’s visiting new destinations, trying tasty food, or enjoying the activities and amenities aboard the cruise ship itself, there are a number of things that keep cruisers coming back again and again for their next vacation. We asked our Cruiseline.com community what is it that they love the most about cruising and we’re head over heels for the responses we received! 

All of It!

Photo by Canva

We love everything about cruising! It's our favorite way to travel and vacation. We can't wait until we can safely cruise again. - Connie H. via Cruiseline.com Facebook 

Everything. - ncldn 

Just the whole beautiful experience. - Jan P. via Cruiseline.com Facebook 

Love the overall feeling of it... the different smells, it's such a mix of emotions for me... love sitting on the balcony listening to the waves hit the side... so calming. - Cruisegirl1976

Traveling the world with no cares, getting to experience culture and scenery from many destinations in one trip. Not to mention the awe of the ship and all it has to offer its guests. There is no other vacation like it. - Chad S. via Cruiseline.com Facebook 

Exploring New Destinations

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We love being able to see new places, have new adventures, experience top-notch food and entertainment, being pampered, and all without leaving “home”. - Pat S. via Cruiseline.com Facebook 

We enjoy the chance to visit several places and unpack once. You can be as busy as you want to be. You don’t have to do the same things as your traveling companion(s) because a cruise has a variety of options both onboard and onshore. - AuntPinkie

The Onboard Experience

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I love the smell of the salt air as well as exploring all the dining venues and hitting the casino in the evenings! - ltrvlfar 

Seeing nothing but blue water! So peaceful! - Lynn G. via Cruiseline.com Facebook 

Love all of it. First, there is the beauty and opulence of the ships. The total ability to relax and not worry about things. The food, the beverages, facilities, the views, new destinations, all of it. - OldGreyWolf 


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What's not to love? I could make a long list, but my top two are being catered to, and total relaxation. - AlanAndGlory

Who wouldn't like having someone else do your cooking and cleaning while you see countries you would never see otherwise? Plus don't forget all the bars are within walking distance. - jbenham

NO CELL SERVICE!!! The only time I can vacation from work, without still being chained to my mobile phones (yes multiple), tablet, or computer is when cruising. - OpusTGreat

No cooking or cleaning, just a week of pure relaxation!!!! - Brenda D. via Cruiseline.com Facebook

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