10 Top Cruise & Travel Podcasts to Get You Through the Day

top cruise travel podcasts
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We’re continuing our Couch Cruising series with a fun new idea: listening to travel podcasts.

Many of us are fans of podcasts, and if you aren’t, there’s no better time to dive in! What’s best about a podcast is that since all you’re doing is listening, you can be productive doing something else at the same time, such as cleaning or putting together a puzzle. Since we love traveling, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of some awesome cruising and travel podcasts to give you inspiration for your next trip. Happy listening!

1. Cruise Radio

If you’re looking for all things cruise-related, Cruise Radio has the perfect podcast for you. The twice-weekly episodes feature real, honest cruise reviews from people who have recently disembarked a ship. Guests sit down with host Doug Parker to discuss the voyage in detail down to the food, entertainment, and ports of call while also offering tips you won’t hear anywhere else. Plus, episodes also include the latest cruise news, trip-planning advice, and interviews with key figures in the cruise industry. 

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2. CruiseTipsTV Unplugged

Fans of CruiseTipsTV’s website or popular YouTube channel will love tuning into the vloggers’ podcast, called ‘CruiseTipsTV Unplugged’. The weekly show, released every Wednesday morning, covers general cruise tips as well as strategies to help travelers improve their cruising experience. Episode topics vary, but recent episodes have covered “An Unwritten Guide to Cruise Courtesies,” “What to Look For in a Travel Agent,” and “A Crowd-Hater’s Guide to Cruising.” 

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3. Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast

Scott Sanders runs a popular blog about anything and everything Disney Cruise Line related, but did you know he has a podcast all about Captain Mickey’s vessels, too? Throughout different episodes, he covers everything from itineraries and destinations to news and his own trip reports. Occasionally, Sanders will even discuss the Disney parks, since many guests make their trip a land and sea vacation. 

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4. Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

Join the expert behind the informative Royal Caribbean Blog, Matt Hochberg, for weekly podcast episodes on the ‘Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast’. He discusses various aspects of the cruise line that is best known for their massive ships and groundbreaking innovation. Episodes focus on onboard tips, ship renovations, Q&A’s from questions that listeners have sent in, and guest cruise reviews. He also dives into port calls with shore excursion recommendations and information on Royal Caribbean’s private destinations. 

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5. Travel with Rick Steves

If you try to think of someone who’s a travel authority on Europe, we’d be surprised if you didn’t think of Rick Steves first. The globetrotting travel guru not only has a successful TV show and a myriad of guidebooks, but also a podcast. While the show centers on Europe much of the time, don’t write it off if you’re interested in other destinations. He covers countries across the globe — some recent examples include China, the Philippines, Haiti, Mexico, and the United States. Episodes feature guests from a range of backgrounds, and heavily focus on culture, history, and secret tips and recommendations straight from those who call these places home.

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6. Women Who Travel

From ‘Conde Nast Traveler’ editors Meredith Carey and Lale Arikoglu, comes a podcast all about traveling as a woman in today’s society. They sit down to interview key female figures in the travel industry, bloggers, photographers, and more. Episodes also offer tips on budgeting and safety, feature Q&A’s, and offer how-to’s and travel guides on a vast variety of topics. 

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7. Amateur Traveler Podcast

Join longtime blogger and podcast host Chris Christensen on his award-winning show all about the very best places to visit. ‘The Amateur Traveler’ podcast is completely destination-focused, guiding listeners through the decision of where to travel next, offering tips and travel stories along the way. Each episode usually includes an interview with a destination expert or traveler who has recently been to the locale that’s being featured, and the show has been designed to provide travel advice for regular people who have limited vacation time each year. 

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8. Andy Steves Travel Podcast

As the son of European travel authority Rick Steves (whose own podcast is mentioned above), Andy Steves knows more than a thing or two about travel. Join him as he covers everything from don’t-miss hidden gems and safety tips, to the inside scoop on accommodations and secrets for becoming a travel entrepreneur. Steves also chats with a variety of special guests on the show, including bloggers, TV personalities, journalists, and more. 

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9. Extra Pack of Peanuts

If you want your wanderlust to be sparked in a big way, Travis and Heather Sherry’s podcast ‘Extra Pack of Peanuts’ is exactly what you’re looking for. Episode formats vary — sometimes they will interview travelers who have done things most people could only dream of, other times they’ll offer practical tips and advice or give their top lists on things like food or activities in different destinations.

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10. The DIS Unplugged

If Disney World and Disneyland are your favorite places on earth, or you’re planning a trip and want to be fully prepared for everything you might want to see and do, ‘The DIS Unplugged’ should be your podcast of choice. There are two editions: one for Disney World in Florida and one for Disneyland in California, so pick whichever park you’re interested in. Episodes are not all formatted the same, and topics will vary from episode to episode. Some subjects include dining, budgeting and planning, Disney parks news, festivals and events information, and recommendations and advice for a variety of facets of the Disney parks. 

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