Theme Cruises That Should Never Be A Theme Cruise

We love to cruise, but we are not so sure we would like these themed cruises! - Photo by Canva

Theme Cruises can be a great option to vacation with other like-minded people or those who share the same interests such as music, playing bridge, or any other activity that would have enough people for a large group or even full ship charter. There are some themes however that would get very little if any interest, at least in our humble opinion. After a bit too much caffeine and lots of instant message exchanges, we’ve come up with the following list of theme cruises we would never want to go to, even if they were a real thing. 

1. Horror Movie - Chucky, Jason, SAW, or any of the others would be absolutely terrifying to cruise with. Can you imagine being chased around a cruise ship by a possessed doll or someone wielding a chainsaw? Never knowing for sure if the chair you are about to sit in will hold you hostage and torture you? Having to sleep with one eye open as you never know what is going to happen? I think we’ll give any horror movie theme cruise a pass.

2. Clowns - Pretty sure this one is self-explanatory.​

3. Vegan - This really applies to any food limiting diet, so to be fair, we would pass on any theme cruise like Pescatarians Only, Leaf Eaters Anonymous, or the like. One of the great things about cruising is the variety of foods available. To see a limited menu or selection would be soul-crushing to most cruisers. The thought of not smelling bacon in the morning is enough to have us crying in our cheeseburger.

4. Exercise/Fitness - While fitness groups certainly exist and the gym on many ships can be a very busy place, we can’t imagine an entire ship filled with exercise bunnies. The visual that keeps coming to mind is the deck of the ship turned into Venice Beach with workout stations all around. Get your card stamped at every station in order to get dessert or a cocktail? Talk about going over like a lead balloon. 

5. TV Game Show - Growing up with games shows such as Price is Right, Hollywood Squares, $10,000 Pyramid, Family Feud, and many more were great fun to watch as a family but not sure an entire cruise devoted to a particular game show would be entertaining enough for an entire cruise. While it might be fun to see one or two recreations of a game show as an onboard activity, an entire theme cruise might be more than anyone can handle.

We reached out to our Facebook community to see what theme cruises our members would never consider taking. Multiple followers shared they would not be interested in attending any sort of a nudist cruise (just not their thing). Other themes users reported they would not care to go on include opera, The Hobbit, a dry cruise (no alcohol), The Walking Dead, country/rap music, or workout themed cruises. However, we did receive some responses from users who said that no matter the theme, they would still want to go on the sailing for the cruise experience! 

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