Popular Cruise Dances: A How-To Guide

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Another fun installment from our Couch Cruising series to try out at home with your family...

After pool lounging and cocktail sipping, the next activity you’re likely to take part in on a cruise is dancing. Before cutting a rug at the next sail away or themed party, we’ve created a guide on how to practice popular cruise dances at home. So get up, slide to the left, cha-cha to the right, and create a lido deck party in your own living room. 

1. Cupid Shuffle

Get in sync with the party the next time your Cruise Director leads this dance song favorite. We recommend moving the furniture out of the way for this one to have extra room to boogie.

2. Cha-Cha Slide

The easiest way to learn the Cha-Cha Slide is to follow along with the song’s lyrics. These instructions will also help you learn the steps. Now, everybody clap your hands! 

3. Electric Slide

Considered a dance party standard, the Electric Slide is made up of a few easy repetitive moves that make up a line dance. It’s so simple to catch on to, it’s electric! 

4. The Wobble

Mastering the Wobble requires learning four basic steps danced in a pattern. Can’t figure out the moves? The song’s catchy beat is still guaranteed to have you up dancing along with the crowd. 

5. Macarena

The dance to this ‘90’s chart-topper by Los Del Rio involves a basic step and arm movement repeated throughout the song. Aye! 

6. Y.M.C.A.

There’s no need to feel down if you’ve yet to master the dance moves to the Y.M.C.A. Let your arm movements spell out the four letters in the song as demonstrated by the Village People. 

7. Limbo

How low can you go? Grab a broom or a pool noodle and have two family members hold it from opposite sides. Bend your knees, move forward, and see if you can make it under.  

Looking for other ways to keep the party going? Check out our 6 Catchy Cruise Playlists. Did you know several cruise lines are hosting their own dance parties that you can take part in via social media? Check out our advice on how the cruise lines are helping you cruise from home

Show us your dance moves! 

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Nowhere in this entire video did the Village People spell out YMCA with their arms!! Jeesh!

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