4 Reasons Eden Might Be the Most Unique Cruise Ship Space Ever Created

celebrity edge eden unique space
Edenists like Bloom bring a personal and welcoming touch to Eden. - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises just took the wraps off Eden: the dining, drinking, entertainment, and lounge space aboard the new Celebrity Edge. Spanning three decks at the aft of the ship, Eden offers a unique experience that feels akin to what would happen if the audience members were invited to step into the universe created during a “cirque”-style show. But it’s so much more than that, and it's truly a place that needs to be experienced for yourself as mere words and pictures fail to do this amazing space justice. Here are 4 reasons why we think this might be the most unique cruise ship space ever created:

1. Eden is Immersive and Interactive

nature celebrity edge eden
Photo by Celebrity Cruises

The Edenists - a troupe of eight actors and actresses who embody the essence of Eden in their personalities - bring an unabashedly immersive vibe to Eden. Flitting around the space from visitor to visitor like birds pollinating flowers, the Edenists are the heart and soul of Eden. An Edenist may give you an interactive tour the first time you drop in, another may offer an impromptu juggling lesson, while a third might help you create a physical movement or gesture to represent your name.

Every encounter with an Edenist will be different - and even when you're not interacting with them yourself, just sitting back and watching them engage with other passengers is entertaining. If you’re shy or reticent, don’t worry… the Edenists seem to read each passenger’s reaction and tailor the interaction accordingly, bringing a quirky and fun vibe to Eden.


2. Eden is a Treat for the Senses

celebrity edge eden bar coffee
Photo by Celebrity Cruises

From sitar players at the entrance and a unique, signature smell that greets you as you arrive to the exclusive cocktails and decadent dining, Eden tempts all your senses.

The Eden bar, featuring a multi-level 'plant library,' offers a menu of one-of-a-kind cocktails developed exclusively for Eden, each with a unique element inspired by nature and Eden.

The Eden restaurant, a specialty-dining venue open for dinner, boasts a nature-inspired menu, with each course offering a theatrical experience - the seafood appetizer, for example, is served in an urchin shell, set over a bowl of live fish with dry ice “smoke.” The food isn’t the only theatrical element, with entertainment provided by the Edenists and a cast of performers happening throughout the meal.

During breakfast and lunch, the Eden Cafe offers complimentary light bites and beverages.


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3. Eden is Inspired by Nature

eden celebrity edge
Eden was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. - Photo by Celebrity Cruises

Eden is filled with plants and flowers lit by streaming sunlight, thanks to the three-deck tall glass wall that runs the entire width of the ship. Walking in during the day is reminiscent of stepping into an inviting greenhouse.

Eden's spiral layout over three decks was inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence, a naturally occurring, repeating pattern found throughout nature, from sunflowers to seashells to ocean waves to our own Milky Way galaxy.

Eden projects a peaceful, calming, and welcoming environment that you won't find in any other cruise ship venue.


4. Eden is Always Changing

eden celebrity edge entertainment
Eden's performancesPhoto by Celebrity Cruises

Eden evolves throughout the day, offering different experiences as time progresses, described in three words, carefully chosen by Celebrity.

In the morning, Eden is Chillful, offering a peaceful, quiet space to take morning coffee, read a book, and plan your day.

In the afternoon, the Edenists begin to arrive and interact with passengers as Eden turns Playful, with social interaction and a slightly more upbeat vibe taking over the space.

As night falls, Eden turns Sinful, with impressive lighting and music. Around 10 pm each night, the Edenists and a cast of entertainers start periodic performances including dance, acrobatics, music, and interactive experiences involving passengers.

Every visit to Eden is different, and passengers will have a unique, individual experience each time they visit.

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