Which cabin should I choose on SeaDream II?

Owner's Suite on SeaDream II - Photo by SeaDream

Compared to choosing a cabin on a megaship, picking one on SeaDream’s yacht-style vessels is relatively easy. After all, there are just four categories — plus plenty of perks, regardless of the cabin you choose.

Upon arrival, a bucket of Champagne and personalized stationery await. Pajamas stitched with your name sit folded neatly on the bed. You can borrow DVDs from the concierge to view on your flat-screen TV (loaner laptops are also available upon request), listen to music on your basic iPod® docking station, or sip beer, seltzer, or soda from the complimentary minibar.

Shelves, cabinets, and a closet with a safe occupy one side of the living room, and a cocktail table and velour couch, the other. A vanity, with a hair dryer and makeup mirror, sits opposite the bed, which is dressed with Belgian linens and a down duvet. The marble-lined bathrooms have dual jet-spray showers and Bvlgari amenities.

Beyond that, there are some differences among the cabin types. We surveyed all the rooms onboard, comparing and contrasting amenities and measuring square feet to help you figure out which cabin works best for you.

seadream ii cabins yacht club

Photo by SeaDream

Yacht Club Stateroom

Shown: 401

Best For: Just about anyone

What You Get: These are the standard suites aboard Seadream II, though you could hardly call them ordinary. They’re 195 square feet and embellished with bamboo plants, coffee table books, and crystal glassware sets. Prices are determined by deck level (the higher, the more expensive).

Tip: The cabins on Deck 2 have two portholes instead of the big picture windows you’ll find on Decks 3 and 4.

seadream ii 2 cabins commodore suite

Photo by SeaDream

Commodore Suite

Shown Cabin: 303

Best For: Families who want to bunk together

What You Get: These are two Yacht Club rooms put together for a double-sized suite of 390 square feet. A dining room set replaces the bed on one side of the cabin.

Tip: The two living rooms and bathrooms make this an ideal setup for those who want to host in-suite cocktail parties.

seadream ii 2 cabins admiral suite

Photo by SeaDream

Admiral Suite

Shown Cabin: 400

Best For: Those looking to splurge

What You Get: At 375 square feet, this room is smaller than a commodore suite but offers a more seamless layout, including a living room and dining room. The hefty price tag will get you a second bathroom, a better iPod docking station, a Nespresso® machine, two flat-screen TVs, and a deep soaking tub in the master bath.

Tip: If you like this choice, book early. There’s only one admiral suite onboard.

seadream ii 2 cabin owners suite

Photo by SeaDream

Owner’s Suite

Shown Cabin: 315

Best For: Passengers who want the best of the best.

What You Get: The single owner’s suite totals 447 square feet, which isn’t much space compared to owner’s suites on larger ships, but it’s still the largest option on SeaDream II. The room has all the upgraded amenities of the admiral suite, including fresh flowers. The living/dining room is wedge-shaped, as opposed to the admiral suite’s rectangular configuration.

Tip: The best part of this suite is the bathroom, which has a large window that allows you to watch the scenery go by from the comfort of your tub.

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