9 Theme Cruises We Can't Believe Exist

themed cruise cat zombie conspiracy voyage
Some of these voyages have us scratching our heads. - Photo by Cruiseline.com

Every cruiser knows that there are theme cruises where passengers can surround themselves with like-minded travelers and indulge in their favorite hobbies. What most don't realize is just how niche some of these cruises can be. We’ve rounded up a number of particularly… unique voyages that we can’t quite believe exist.


1. Meow Meow Cruise

cat meow meow cruise kittens theme
Photo by Thinkstock/Martin Poole

Who It’s For: This cat cruise is for people who really like cats...but not for their actual cats. The cat cruise has a very specific (and ironic) “no cat” policy.

Special Activities: There is a number of group activities, including a Meow Meow Meet & Greet, Meow Meow Mixer, Meow Meow Trivia, Meow Meow Scavenger Hunts, and Meow Meow group dining at dinnertime. Guests even receive a Meow Meow cruise kit, and have the opportunity to order t-shirts ahead of time — with a photo of their kitty on the front, of course.

Our Take: Did we mention that there are no cats on the Cat Cruise? Sorry, we’re just really hung up on that small detail. Other than that, it sounds like a Meow Meow good time.


2. Walker Stalker Cruise

walker stalker walking dead cruise theme
Photo by Thinkstock/FOTOKITA

Who It’s For: This “zombie cruise” is for megafans of The Walking Dead… or just anyone who’s obsessed with undead life forms that want to eat your brains.

Special Activities: Zom Prom, Walking Dead trivia, a cosplay contest, silent disco, Dirty Bingo, karaoke, a flip cup tournament, Q&A’s, and photo/autograph opportunities with stars from The Walking Dead.

Our Take: Most of us have felt like a zombie shuffling to breakfast after a night of Rum Runners, so this really isn’t that much of a stretch.


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3. Big Nude Boat

big nude boat nudist cruise theme
Photo by Shutterstock/nito

Who It’s For: Those who aren’t afraid to flaunt what the good Lord gave them... whether gravity has taken its toll or not.

Special Activities: Picture an almost regular cruise, but every single person is, ahem, sans clothing. Activities include a talent show, Captain’s Night, and themed parties like FantaSEA-FEST and Nudeapalooza. The only times you have to wear clothes? In the dining rooms, at the Captain’s Gala, and (thankfully) while docked in port.

Our Take: It’s really just a thin layer of fabric that separates a normal cruise from a nudist cruise, and yet the two feel miles apart.


4. Voyage of the Lost Spirits

gothic darkness voyage spirits theme cruise
Photo by Shutterstock/Evgeniia Litovchenko

Who It’s For: People who secretly miss wearing heavy eyeliner, dyeing their hair black, and wearing fishnet stockings with chunky boots during their confusing high school years. Or, you know, people who never stopped.

Special Activities: There is a door decorating contest and parties with gothic DJ’s and themes such as Angels & Demons, Lost Spirits, and Tim Burton. A number of bands perform throughout the duration of the voyage, too. This year’s sailing includes The Birthday Massacre, Diary of Dreams, Stoneburner, and more. 

Our Take: For “goths” who claim to love darkness, meeting up on a cruise to the bright, sunny Caribbean sure is an interesting choice.


5. Conspira-Sea Cruise

conspiracy cruise theme crop circles aliens
Photo by Shutterstock/canbedone

Who It’s For: This voyage is basically for people who like to argue any and all topics, whether they’re highly controversial or not. Was 9/11 an inside job? Are crop circles otherworldly? Is hydrofracking safe? Everyone’s got their own opinion, and you will definitely hear about it on this voyage.

Special Activities: Each night, there is an organized UFO starwatch with night-vision goggles out on deck (we wish we were kidding). Other activities include holistic and conspiracy seminars, expert presentations, yoga and meditation classes, and panel discussions.

Our Take: We understand that the world is never exactly as it seems. However, we don’t live our lives dwelling on that fact and questioning every single event and situation that arises, either. A nightly UFO starwatch, really? Do y’all really have that much time on your hands?



6. Doctor Who Sci-Fi Sea Cruise

doctor who tardis blue police box
Photo by Shutterstock/Ints Vikmanis

Who It’s For: Dr. Who fans “Who” want to spend an entire week on a ship (unfortunately not blue and unable to cross the laws of time) with like-minded travelers.

Special Activities: There is a handful of stars from the show onboard, including some people who had key roles behind the camera. Guests participate in Q&A sessions, creative film-related workshops, discussion panels, and other activities that allow them to closely interact with the cast and crew of the show.

Our Take: We doubt the boat is actually bigger on the inside, but it’s perfect for any Doctor Who fan looking to spend a week in the TARDIS. Be sure to watch out for Daleks.


7. Bliss Cruise

swingers bliss cruise romantic theme voyage
Photo by Thinkstock/Vasyl Dolmatov

Who It’s For: This cruise is for adventurous couples who are “open” to new experiences. It, erm…it’s a swingers cruise.

Special Activities: Not only is clothing optional on the ship, but select shore excursions allow guests to bare it all, too. Some activities onboard include Meet & Greets, play areas, seminars on the lifestyle, and themed nights such as Pirates & Wenches, Lady in Red, and Caribbean Kink.

Our Take: All we can say is that our hearts go out to the crew during voyages like these. They’ve seen some things that can’t be unseen.


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8. The Crossword Crossing

crossword puzzle cruise cunard queen mary
Photo by Thinkstock/Photology1971

Who It’s For: Those who love nothing more than curling up with a warm cuppa tea, a crossword puzzle, and the din of the television in the background.

Special Activities: Cunard’s collaboration with The New York Times for this special transatlantic voyage included crossword experts from the renowned newspaper (who would have thought that “crossword expert” is a job title)? Activities include daily game sessions, lectures, and other activities related to the word game.

Our Take: Hey, if crossword puzzles float your boat (pun intended) then, by all means, enjoy it! As for us, naw. 


9. Hawaiian Running Cruise

hawaii running cruise national park america
Photo by Thinkstock/EpicStockMedia

Who It’s For: Those who simultaneously love to run and love to cruise. Why not combine them?

Special Activities: This voyage is hosted aboard the only cruise ship that runs roundtrip cruises within Hawaii — Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America. Activities include five run/walk events on the islands, scenic hiking events, and group parties and meals. Guests with the running group also receive an exclusive bag full of gear.

Our Take: The only kind of running we want to do on a cruise is to the buffet..for another slice of pizza.

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