Best Cruise Shower Ever

From the Shipmate archives. Originally published July 31, 2012. 

Amazing Cruise Shower 

Celebrity recently rolled out plans for the coolest shower we’ve ever seen on a cruise ship. The glass-encased bather will protrude from the side of the ship hovering 14 stories over the ocean blue on their newest ship, the Celebrity Reflection.  While some might assume this to be an effective mermaid mating call, think again – the glass is only transparent from the inside of the rain room. Unfortunately, most cruise-goers will not have the opportunity to covertly present their goods to the ocean below – these facilities are only included in the posh Reflection Suite, starting at $12k per person.  The high-end accommodations include roughly 1,500 square feet of space, two bedrooms, and a balcony that is comparable in size to my current apartment.

The ship debuts in October. When asked about the likelihood of peepers catching an eyeful, Celebrity’s Sr Vice President of Hotel Operations was quoted as follows:  “You can see out, but the important part of the story is no one can see in. We spent a lot of money making sure of that.”

Are there any shipmates scheduled to sail the Reflection and, if so, be honest – will you peek?

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