10 Best Cruise Ship Videos on YouTube

From the Shipmate Archives. Originally Published January 23, 2015. 

Funniest, Amazing & Most Shocking Cruise Ship Videos

Dancing Behind People on a Cruise Ship

Have you ever had a feeling like someone is following you? If so, you may have Ellen Degeneres to blame.  On her show, she issued a dare, challenging someone to dance behind unknowing cruise passengers and video the strange request in action.  Watch the hilarious awkwardness as this guy really meets the challenge.

Cruise Ship Horn Battle

Have you ever asked yourself, “if cruise ships could talk, what would they say?”  Me neither. In this video, the Disney Magic and Disney Fantasy go back and forth, exchanging greetings in their own cruise ship language.  (Rumor has it, they hadn’t seen each other in a long time and really missed one another). 

Ship Launches – the Good & Bad

This ship's launching method seems extremely archaic to me.  A ship takes so much time and effort to build, then you cross your fingers and slide it down a ramp?  Is there no better way?  Although… I suppose that it’s a good test before sticking some humans on there and battling the high seas. Well, despite my thoughts on ship-launching, these awesome videos prove me wrong… or do they?!

Cruise Port Runners

“We have time for one more” – that’s probably what a few of these people had said just prior to staring in this “10 Best Cruise Ship Videos on YouTube” entry.  I wonder what one does when this happens… just live there?  What disturbed me the most about this video is the joy in the voices of those narrating.  It’s probably the same people that save deck chairs all day for the 8 minutes that they actually lay down.

The Oasis is so Big it Drains the Harbor

“Science” is not a subject in which I’ve ever excelled. I’d guess that more water would flow to this beach area, rather than water getting sucked out.  My decades of filling the bathtub up too high have taught me that.  But, here the Oasis of the Seas is so big, that it somehow drains the beach area then leaves it with a little tidal wave in its wake.

World Record Lifeboat Free-fall

It’s kind of ironic that this device is made specifically to save lives.  When I think “life-saving maneuvers,” what comes to mind is the Heimlich or a parachute… not a 60-meter free-fall to the ocean’s surface.  Imagine if this were how cruise line’s had you tender to shore?  It would make your zip-line seem as exciting as the buffet-line.

Cruise Ship Horn Songs

Here, the MSC Magnifica shows off its pipes by first blasting the “happy birthday” song, then “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes.  This begs the question, what else is on the prospective playlist?  Would it be possible to get some Cyndi Lauper?  The Magnifica ship is of MSC’s “Musica class,” so I guess this is an appropriate talent of hers.

100 Foot Time-Lapse Ship Extension

Did you know that to lengthen a cruise ship by 100 feet, you simply chop it in half, spread the two halves by 100 feet and then fill in the middle?  Don’t believe me?  I don’t blame you.  I wouldn’t believe me either.  Don’t believe me – check out this awesome time-lapse video of the event.

Self Leveling Pool Table in Action

When I heard about these auto-leveling pool tables years ago, I was super excited to see them in action.  I sailed the Radiance of the Seas and, on Day 1, ran down to play.  The seas were calm that day, and my table didn’t dance.  I’ve since been curious how well these things work – thank you to whoever posted this video!

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