Funniest Cruiser Questions

From the Shipmate Archives. Originally Published January 23, 2014. 

Cruise directors hear some pretty ridiculous questions from passengers.  We’ve spoken with many from across different cruise lines to find the FUNNIEST cruise questions ever asked – below is a compilation.

#10 FUNNIEST cruise question

 "What would happen if I flushed a ship toilet while still sitting on it?"

#9 FUNNIEST cruise question

"Does the crew sleep onboard?"

#8 FUNNIEST cruise question

"Why is the microwave in my room not working?"

#7 FUNNIEST cruise question

"Why did I pay so much to have such an awful view of the parking lot?"

[via phone call to reception… while still at the port]

#6 FUNNIEST cruise question

"I have an ‘Outside Cabin.’ Will I get wet if it rains?"

#5 FUNNIEST cruise question

"Why are the ruins in such poor condition?"

[after a tour of the ruins in Rome]

#4 FUNNIEST cruise question

"What do you do with the ice carvings after they melt?"

#3 FUNNIEST cruise question

"Has this ship ever sunk?"

#2 FUNNIEST cruise question

"How do I know which are mine?"

[Referring to the pictures in the Photo Gallery]

#1 FUNNIEST cruise question

"How small does your face have to be to get a mini-facial at the salon?"

Here’s a couple of extra beauties submitted by our great users!


"What time does the Midnight buffet start?"


"This is our family's first cruise ever… we have several cabins on different decks of the ship and our question is, do all of the decks go to the same ports of call???"


"Do these stairs go up or down?"


"There’s a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my door. How do I get out?"


"Does the elevator go to the front of the ship?"


What are some of the funniest cruise questions you’ve ever heard?  Leave them in the comment section below. Click below to “share” these ridiculous questions so others can get a good laugh too!

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