5 Things We're Most Proud of After 5 Years

cruiseline.com five year anniversary accomplishments
Cruiseline.com grew out of MeetOnCruise way back in 2012. - Photo by Cruiseline.com

Believe it or not, we’ve been around for five years now. To celebrate the occasion, we thought we’d look back on our best accomplishments over the last half decade.

1. Collecting A Massive Database of Trusthworthy Cruise Reviews 

cruise reviews cruiseline.com

Since December of 2012, Cruiseline.com has been the only independent source for verified cruise reviews. We’re currently home to over 134,000 cruise reviews, and we’ve verified 90,000 of those as 100% real. How do we know that for sure? We partner with a variety of travel agencies to ensure that the bulk of our reviews are written by real cruisers just returning home from their voyage.

You can also find over 350,000 port tips and reviews on the site and real cruisers have shared over 450,000 photos on the site. That’s over 90,000 new photos a year, or about 250 photos a day if you’re counting. (We certainly are.)


2. Cultivating A Fun, Friendly Community

Nearly 1.4 million cruisers call Cruiseline.com their online home for cruise reviews, advice and discussion. Our forum, one of the friendliest in the cruise industry, is home to over 5,500 discussions with almost 54,000 replies. Our Facebook community has grown to over 80K members who are eager to hear the latest cruise news and get advice from our experts.

Our site hosts nearly 100,000 roll calls where more than 1.9 million members have connected with fellow cruisers before they sail. In all, more than 16 million visitors have spent over 962,000 hours on Cruiseline.com since our inception, reading over 56 million pages of content.


3. Powering the Best Cruise App on the Market

cruiseline.com ship mate app

We were ecstatic when Ship Mate joined the Cruiseline.com team over three years ago, and we’re still excited to have them on board today. With over 2 million downloads, Ship Mate is the indisputable #1 cruise app on the market with tons of content for cruisers looking to learn more about their upcoming vacation. Before stepping foot on board, users can get to know their ship top to bottom using with detailed deck maps and user submitted images, visit the ports on their itinerary with thousands of user reviews, and meet their fellow cruisers with roll calls that have been fully integrated with Cruiseline.com.


4. Writing Over 500,000 Words of Expert Advice

advice cruiseline.com expert tips

Cruiseline.com’s team of cruise experts have published over 500 advice articles to help both new and experienced sailors find and prepare for their dream vacation. Over 5.2 million readers have enjoyed expert reviews of the industry’s newest ships, learned thousands of tips from booking to boarding, taken fun quizzes to find out which line or destination they should try next, and voted in our legendary smackdowns that pit famous cruise rivals against each other.


5. Helping Millions of Users Search For Their Perfect Cruise

cruiseline.com search

All the tips and tricks in the world don’t mean much if you can’t find a cruise at the right time for the right price, which is why we’re continually refining our Find a Cruise search feature to make it the best on the web. Users searched our massive database of cruises sailing around the world over 1 million times in the last year alone, looking for their ideal cruise by destination, sail time, cruise length, departure port and cruise line. Our results are cleanly organized to make it easy to scan and compare itineraries, dates, and review scores, and prices from up to six different vendors are listed to make sure you’re getting the best available deal.

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