Cruise Ship to Become a Dubai Hotel

From the Shipmate Archives. Originally Published July 12, 2012.

Cruise Ship Hotel 

The Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship will soon become a300-room, floating hotel situated off of the coast of Dubai.  The 70k ton vessel served as a luxury cruise-liner for 40 years and went into retirement in 2008.  Around that time, the QE2 was sold for $100 million to Istithmar World, which is the investment vehicle of Dubai World (state-run).

The idea of mooring a cruise ship and using it for short-term residence is not entirely new.  Recently the Voyager cruise ship was used to house college students when their dormitory was found to be mold-infested. The Queen Elizabeth 2, however, will serve an entirely different demographic as it sits in Port Rashid and caters towards those looking for a high-end hotel experience while taking in the history and elegance of this iconic vessel.  The cruise ship’s furnishings will remain intact as will the original art collection that adorns its halls.

The hotel will be a truly unique experience and is expected to be completed in roughly 18 months.  What is the one amenity you hope that this hotel-cruise-ship includes?

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