28 Caribbean Drinks to Try on Your Next Cruise

28 caribbean drinks for next cruise
Every port has a new cocktail or beer worth trying. - Photo by Shutterstock

Just like many cities in America have a signature food, most Caribbean islands have their own signature drink. It's usually pretty easy to locate these drinks once you arrive in port as most are available at multiple bars and restaurants throughout the islands, so sit back, relax, have a drink, and enjoy! 


antigua liquor caribbean drinks cruise

Antigua - Cavalier Antigua Rum

This brand was launched in the 1950s and is a dark, spicy rum distilled from fermented molasses and aged for at least two years.


balashi beer caribbean drinks cruise

Aruba - Balashi Beer

This all-malt pilsner is the national beer of Aruba and it won a Gold Medal in 2001 and a Grand Gold Medal in 2004 in the “Monde Selection” in Brussels.


bajan rum punch caribbean drinks cruise

Barbados - Bajan Rum Punch

The recipe for the island's famous rum punch is "One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak." The lime juice (sour), sugar (sweet), rum (strong) and water (weak) combine for the perfect taste of the Caribbean


belize belkin beer caribbean drinks cruise

Belize - Belikin

Belikin is a lighter beer, similar to those found in Europe. This brew was first bottled in 1971, and the name comes from the Mayan language and means "Road to the East". What we love about it: the bottles are bigger than what we usually find at home


shandy caribbean drinks cruise
Photo by LittleMissPartyPalnner

Bermuda: Shandy

For a refreshing beverage with lunch, order a shandy. Made with rum, ginger beer, and fresh lemonade, it is tart and refreshing on a hot Bermuda day.

bonaire tekibon drink caribbean cruise

Bonaire: Tekibon 

Probably the most unique story for this drink: a gentleman fell in love with Bonaire, decided to retire there and make his own alcohol. Tekibon, made from the yatu cactus, is available in 15 restaurants and stores, including the Bonaire Gift Shop near the cruise ship pier.


cartagena limonada de coco caribbean cruise

Cartagena: Limonada de Coco

This is an instant favorite among all who visit Colombia. It is a refreshing mix of lime juice and cream of coconut (feel free to add rum to make it an adults-only drink)


micheladas costa maya caribbean cruise drink
Photo by Healthy Season Recipes

Costa Maya: Michelada

This tasty concoction is available throughout Mexico, but Costa Maya is one of our favorite places to indulge. It's a beer cocktail that includes salt, pepper, Tabasco, lime juice, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce and a rim of chili pepper and salt


negra modelo cozumel caribbean cruise drink

Cozumel: Negra Modelo

The darker option to the popular Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo was born in 1925 and is a favorite to pair with your tacos.


curacao liquer caribbean drinks cruise

Curaçao: Curaçao Liqueur 

There's only one real Curaçao of Curaçao, and the original brand is not even available in the United States. It's a similar orange-flavored drink, but it is made using laraha, a bitter orange native to the island, so the final product is not nearly as molar-achingly fake-sweet as the American version. It comes in various artificial colors, from a darker version of the world-famous blue to a golden orange.


bois bande rum cruise caribbean drinks

Dominica: Bois Bande Rum

This is a local aphrodisiac and can only be bought in Dominica. Right off the pier is a small store named Luxury Emporium, which carries leather handbags and liqueur and usually offers free taste tests of this yummy potion


falmouth coffee caribbean cruise drink

Falmouth: Blue Mountain Coffee

Although not alcoholic, this coffee is necessary to have when traveling to Jamaica. The beans are grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and the coffee is some of the most sought after in the world. It is available at Jablum Café right near the pier. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny


pina colada caribbean drinks cruise
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Freeport: Coconut Drinks

It could be a piña colada or some rum punch, but whatever you try you have to drink it from a coconut. Multiple bars offer drinks with fresh coconut juice straight from the coconut, just look out for one of the bars with the pile of coconuts on top (you can find a couple in Port Lucaya).

grand cayman caybrew beer cruise caribbean

Grand Cayman: Caybrew Beer

The official brew of the Cayman Islands. A full-bodied lager with a crisp hop taste, this is sure to refresh as you take a break in Grand Cayman.


grand turk margarita caribbean drinks cruise
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Grand Turk: The Classic Margarita

Yes, it may be a given, but when in Rome...sit on a beach chair and have a margarita.

grenada rivers rum caribbean cruise drink

Grenada: Rivers Rum

Head to the River Antoine Estate, home of the 200-year-old Rivers Rum Distillery. They're still making their hooch old-school style, using sugarcane, a water wheel, and hands-on bottling. The result is two tasty white rums — one that's 80 proof and the other a staggering 152 proof.

key west papa doble cruise drink

Key West: Papa Doble

Ernest Hemingway was famous for many things, including love for the drink. This was a special drink he made for himself. We are pretty sure it has evolved over the years, but the rum, grapefruit, and grenadine concoction will definitely put some pep in your step.


bob marley caribbean cruise drinks

Montego Bay: The Bob Marley Drink

Everyone's favorite Jamaican also has a pretty-great drink named after him. This sweet rum-based drink is also the most colorful drink we have on the list, showing off the hues of the Jamaican flag.

nassau blue balls caribbean drinks cruise

Nassau: Blue Balls

A hilarious name to go with a very refreshing sweet drink— and it's bright blue (in case you didn't guess).


ocho rios red stripe caribbean cruise


Ocho Rios: Red Stripe Beer

Available in all Jamaica ports and born in 1938, the brew in the stout little bottle holds a lot of flavor.


monkey la la caribbean drink cruise
Photo by Sasha Juliard

Roatan: Monkey La La

A ridiculous name? Yes. Delicious drink? Absolutely. This drink is named after the lizard found running around the Roatan jungle on its hind legs. Every bartender in Roatan has their own version of it. But most versions include Bailey's and Kahlua, resulting in a creamy, tasty, tropical cocktail.


san juan chichaito caribbean drink cruise

San Juan: Chichaito

it may seem like a simple shot, but it is actually two spirits mixed together: white sum and anise liqueur. It is popularly described as licorice with a kick.


st. croix cruzan rum caribbean drink

St. Croix: Cruzan Rum

We only listed one, but St. Croix has two distilleries with 39 different flavors of rum. The Cruzan family has been in St. Croix since the early 1800s and lives the true Caribbean spirit of "don't hurry."


cane spirt rothschild caribbean drink cruise

St. Kitts: Cane Spirit Rothschild

This super-spicy white rum was born in St.Kitts. It has a serious kick, and the most popular way to enjoy is with grapefruit juice. If you are brave enough, try a shot.


st. lucia piton beer caribbean drinks

St. Lucia: Piton Beer

Named after the most iconic sight in St. Lucia — the Gros Piton that is pictured on almost every St. Lucia postcard. This beer is light and refreshing; perfect to enjoy on any cruising day.


guavaberry st martin caribbean cruise drink

St. Maarten: Guavaberry Rum

The "folk liqueur" of St. Maarten is guavaberry, made from local guavaberries barrel-aged with cane sugar and rum. A few hundred years ago, islanders would make this berry-rum infusion at home, but these days, it's primarily produced by the Sint Maarten Guavaberry Company and is a must-try at least once.


st thomas daquiri caribbean cruise drink

St. Thomas: Banana Daiquiri

St.Thomas is the best place to enjoy a refreshing banana daiquiri — that sweet, irresistible blend of rum, bananas, lime juice and sugar. Perfect for relaxing after dinner or after lunch, or really anytime at all.


pussers rum tortola caribbean cruise drink

Tortola: Pusser's Rum

This is known as the original Navy Rum, and legend has it that sailors were given a pint of this rum each day. You must have it neat (without water) to enjoy it just the way the sailors did.


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